How to be a Responsible Tourist

In our modern day, more and more people are travelling more often, further afield and for longer durations. Therefore, it is extremely important that these tourists respect the places they are visiting, by following their customs and helping local people. Below are our top tips for being a responsible tourist;

• Do not litter! Basic rule, it is rude and disrespectful, do not do it.

• Try to travel in a responsible manner, for example if you can walk to the beach instead of taking the bus then do it – this will help the environment and your sun tan!

• Research – check local laws and customs before you travel to make sure you don’t accidentally offend anyone.

• Invest in local people – eat in authentic restaurants, hire a local guide, and buy souvenirs crafted by natives.

• Language – buy a phrase book and perhaps try to learn the basics of the country you are visiting. Remember that you are visiting their country; you should never simply expect that everyone speaks English.

• Try something new – try the local cuisine, again do not assume that English food will be readily available. The great thing about travelling is experiencing another culture – embrace it!

• Save water –by having quick showers for example.

• Do not buy any souvenirs made from endangered or protected species, for example ivory or coral.

• Avoid using excessive heating or air conditioning, try using other methods to adjust your temperature, for example a cold compress or hot water bottle.

By following the simple tips above, not only will you be a responsible tourist, but you will also experience more of your destination and the amazing experiences and cultures it has to offer. For further information, try speaking to your travel agent, reading relevant forums, or researching online – most tourism boards have websites packed full of important and interesting information.

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