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Holidaysafe Blog

Laid Back Around the World

Richard Evans recently completed a once in a life time trip around the world, read his incredible travel stories here in his own words…

After years of planning and training I set off from London on 5th April 2014 to ride my funny bike around the world. My route went east to Harwich where I took the night ferry to Holland, probably the safest country in the world to ride a bike but sadly only 200km wide so I was across and into Germany by the evening of 6th April. Country borders came every few days after that as I crossed Poland, Belarus and Russia on some of the world’s most dangerous roads where I was sharing treacherously potholed highways with juggernauts speeding past my left shoulder with inches to spare. Three weeks and 4,000km after leaving London I arrived, surprisingly intact, in Kazakhstan where I crossed into Asia at Uralsk.
2014 08 06 10.28.00 Laid Back Around the World
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