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Holidaysafe Blog

Swimmer hit by Parasailing Speedboat

A Russian tourist has been hospitalised after being struck by the spinning propellers of a parasailing speed boat, whilst swimming in Phuket. Mr Sergey Kuzennyy, aged 55, received five deep lacerations to his leg, which required emergency medical treatment.
Speed Boat Swimmer hit by Parasailing Speedboat
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Polar Bear Sleep Over

You’ve heard of sleepovers at the Natural History Museum for children, but now one zoo in France is offering a whole new sleep over experience – with polar bears. La Fleche zoo in the Loire Valley (France) are offering visitors the chance enjoy a glass of champagne and gourmet dinner whilst staying in one of eight arctic themed three star cabins, with only a pane of glass separating them from the polar bear enclosure.
24050DBB00000578 2880354 Taiko frolics in his pond while two women look on in wonder a 3 1418990479480 Polar Bear Sleep Over
(Photo via
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