Tips for Dealing with Heat

When most people plan their holidays, they head to hotter climates for some much needed sun. However, every year people fall victim to sun burn, heat stroke and dehydration.

To avoid a holiday disaster in hotter climates, here are our top tips for dealing with heat;

• Stay hydrated; drink plenty of fluids like water and fruit juice (try to avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks). You can also eat cold foods like fruit and salad; these will keep you cool and hydrated.

• Take regular breaks in the shade throughout the day, sprinkle your skin with cold water or use a damp compress to cool yourself down.

• Use a high SPF factor of sun protection, you must use at least factor 25. Reapply every few hours and after swimming.

• Always use a sun hat, sun glasses, and wear light, loose fitting cover ups.

• Avoid being out at the hottest parts of the day (usually around lunch time e.g. 11am-3pm).

• If you are driving, try to park in the shade, there is nothing worse than getting into a boiling hot car and burning yourself on your seat belt.

• Try to avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in the heat, this will only dehydrate you.

• After being in the sun, cool your skin with a shower and then apply lots of moisturiser or after sun.

• When leaving your accommodation, try to leave the fan on and the curtains drawn. This should reduce the heat in your room.

• Try to avoid physical exertion, for example walking a long way in the heat, this will put you at risk of dehydration, exhaustion and sun burn.

Enjoy the heat safely!

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