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Hiking Travel Insurance

Whether you are planning a hiking holiday in the UK, Europe or Worldwide you need to invest in specialist travel insurance before you depart. Without travel insurance you leave yourself vulnerable if your personal possessions become lost or damaged or if you become injured on holiday. With Holidaysafe's dedicated Hiking Travel Insurance policy, you get the following benefits;
  • Cover includes cancellation, medical emergencies, personal effects, cash, travel documents plus much more.
  • Doctor managed emergency helpline 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Trips to the UK, Europe and worldwide can be covered.
  • Cover for repatriation if you need to return home in the event of a medical emergency, accident, injury or illness.
  • Discounts given for couples under our couples policies.
  • FREE cover for children when you purchase a family policy, and discounts for single parent families.
  • If you have a change of heart, we also provide a 14 day cooling off period.
  • Cover for stolen, lost, damaged or delayed activity equipment as standard; including; waterproofs, rucksack and boots.
Holidaymakers who enjoy keeping fit and want a challenge whilst on holiday, are quickly discovering Hiking holidays. Hiking is a great way to test your fitness, whilst also exploring some of the more undiscovered sights, away from crowds of tourists.

Just remember, don't travel without quality travel insurance from

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  • Hiking Tips and Advice

Hiking Tips and Advice

Anyone planning a hiking holiday (or even just one hike during a trip) should ensure that they abide by the following guidelines to avoid any injuries or mishaps:

  • Check the weather report before you book your holiday or commence your hike. The last thing you want is freezing temperatures and torrential rain half way through a hike – but intense heat can be just as dangerous and unpleasant.
  • Choose a hike which fits your ability, and do not overstretch yourself. Choosing a challenging hike is great but anything outside of your fitness levels could be dangerous for your health.
  • Make sure you bring appropriate attire for your hike including warm and cool clothes, comfortable shoes, a sun hat and sunglasses. You should also bring sun protection, a first aid kit, plenty of water and food for energy. Remember that less is more when packing for a hike, so only bring the essentials.
During the Hiking
  • Everyone on your hike should stick to a comfortable pace without leaving anyone behind – the person at the front of the group should set an appropriate speed for everyone. If you can't talk while you're walking then the pace is too quick and you should ask the group to slow down.
  • It can be tempting to push on during a hike but it is really important to take regular breaks for food and water. Dehydration is not fun at the best of times but miles from the nearest road or hospital will be twice as frightening.
  • It may sound obvious but remember that going downhill is a lot easier than going uphill so leave yourself double the amount of time for uphill stretches and always give right of way to anyone going uphill as a consideration.
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