Access To Medical Records

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It is a condition of your travel insurance policy that, where applicable, you must agree to allow us to have access to your medical reports so that we might verify your claim

  • You can refuse consent, however this may mean we are unable to deal with your claim
  • You may see the report before it is supplied to us or our agents, or at any time during the six months after that.
  • If you disagree with the contents of the report or consider it to be misleading you may ask your doctor to amend it.
  • If the doctor disagrees you may add your own written comments.
  • The doctor may withhold all or part of the report from you if he/she thinks that this would be in your best interests, or that of others.
  • At no time will the report be sent to URV or anyone acting as their agent without your consent.

How do I grant access to my medical records?

Please complete our Access to Medical Records form to grant us authorisation to access your records. Simply ask your UK General Practitioner (GP) to fill in this section and attach it to your claim form alongside any other supporting documentation.

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