Holidaysafe Reviews: Backpacking in Europe

Europe is an ideal place to visit if you want to see other parts of the world but don’t feel comfortable being too far away from home. It is easily reachable and you have a whole wealth of countries you can visit during your trip.

Northern Europe

If you are planning to visit northern Europe, you would be wise to take a few layers with you. The weather is, as you would expect, a lot cooler than what you may be used to in the UK. However, you’ll also find that these countries offer a lot of unusual things that you would never find at home. In Iceland, there is the Blue Lagoon – an open-air, hot spa, which is quite an experience when the air temperature drops. You can bathe outside in the hot water and use the silica mud on your skin to help improve a number of different skin conditions.

If you want to check out some beautiful architecture and take part in awesome winter sports, make sure Sweden is on your list of places to visit. Ice skating, sledging and various other sports are popular over there, with the weather creating the perfect environment. Be sure to check out the Ice Hotel as well for a unique stopover.


Central zone

If you head down towards the countries in the centre of Europe, you will find that you have a lot to explore. Head to Belgium to check out the world famous chocolates and travel across to Germany to see the Nurburgring and take a car round the track if you dare. The canals of Hamburg, the history of Nuremberg and the stylishness of Dusseldorf are all worth visiting on your travels.

Many people choose to take a train or a car as their form of transport across Europe, giving them freedom to make their own schedule. Driving enthusiasts will fall in love with the roads through the Alps and across Switzerland and Austria. Frequently featured on motoring shows and in movies, some of these roads give breath-taking views of the mountains – and the countryside stretches out before you, just waiting to be explored.


Head south

If you want the warmer weather, visit the southern countries of Spain, Italy and Greece. These are steeped in ancient history so make sure you pack a guide book. The Coliseum in Rome, the Acropolis of Athens and the Tower of Hercules in Galicia are all worth checking out if you like your history lessons.

The weather tends to be a bit warmer here so head down to the south in the summer months to make the most of the sunshine. Al fresco dining is the thing to do in the warmer weather and a lot of the countries in southern Europe are chock full of little cafés or eateries so be sure to sample the local cuisines. There are also various music festivals that take place throughout the summer so if you’re into your music, make sure you book some tickets, pack a tent and get ready for a trip of a lifetime.


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