The Backpackers Guide to Street Foods of the World

Foods of the World; something people claim to know a lot about judging by the volume of dishes that are recreated across the globe. But nothing can be more authentic than trying food in its natural surroundings and native country. Not only to enjoy the locally sourced ingredients often used but to mingle with the people, atmosphere and culture which can change your dining experience tenfold. Around the World, food is a massive driver in welcoming guests or used to showcase how proud people are of their heritage. This is why we have delicacies and traditions across in all corners of the globe…

A memorable experience may differ upon expectations and we are going to talk about a guerrilla, off the cuff style dining that will provide memories long after you return home from your travels. When backpacking, it is recommended you fully immerse yourself in the destination you visit and that means living like the locals. Partake in their traditions, visit sites with historical significance and make the most of opportunities you won’t find at home…

Many people go travelling and spend their time seeking the home comforts we crave but don’t particularly need, restricting themselves to food they know, like and recognize. There is such a vast variety of food served that has been developed in the style and authenticity of the region you are in that creates huge diversity among destinations and an air of spontaneity. You can’t head out to Malaysia and avoid eating something from a banana leaf and you wouldn’t dream of backpacking the World without trying any tasty local street foods. Here is our pick of the bunch:

Gelato – Rome

The key to finding the best gelato is to explore…now the architecture in Rome is sensational…if you like to explore, you can visit the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and more. Similar to famous landmarks, gelato is not hard to find in Rome, so why not test out some of the most beautiful gelato en route?

Gelato in gelateria

Jerk Chicken – Jamaica

The best kept secret to a Jamaican is their special jerk chicken recipes. Served from a traditional smoky jerk hut and complete with a myriad of flavour, if you are in this part of the World, you have to get your hands on some of this chicken. Cooked using a variety of methods and marinated for hours, this will melt in your mouth!

Pastel de nata – Portugal

Heading to Portugal? Pick up what could perhaps be the tastiest pastry you’ll ever try! Created before the 18th century, these egg tart pastries are a sugary delight, native to Lisbon but introduced to regions with significant Portuguese populations. You’ll soon know where to find them with street stalls and bakeries flooding with customers.

Currywurst – Germany

Germays favourite fast food! Commonly found in the capital Berlin, the traditional Currywurst is a boiled bratwurst cut into pieces, topped with a tomato based sauce, curry powder, and paprika served with a roll (Brötchen) or fries. The Currywurst has risen in popularity across the country – you will smell them a mile off and see dedicated food stalls everywhere!

Currywurst mit Pommes

Chilli Crab – Singapore

If you are looking for the most enjoyable and typical dish to have for your trip to Singapore, it is hard to overlook Chilli Crab. This Singaporean seafood dish is a must try dish to complete the culinary exploring journey of any travellers, simply iconic.

Tunnbrödsrulle – Sweeden

Tunnbrödsrulle is a popular fast food meal in Sweden, which is traditionally bought from stands placed on the streets. It consists of grilled sausages wrapped in a tunnbröd (flat bread), dressed with mashed potatoes, ketchup, tomatoes, mustard, onion, pickled cucumber, lettuce, and creamy shrimp salad dressing. Obscure, but worth a try!

Churros – Spain

Known more commonly as a Spanish doughnut, Churros are a fried snack sprinkled with sugar and dipped in chocolate, typically enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack. Thought to be developed centuries ago by Spanish shepherds, Churros are extremely popular among locals and you’ll find these everywhere from street stalls to restaurant menus.

Churros with chocolate

…and finally

No matter where you decide to travel, there will be a delectable dining delight just around the corner. Take the opportunity to try something new. Something that seems particularly quirky to you is just a day in the life for someone else. This is what travelling is all about, new experiences, new traditions and inevitably a new outlook on a destination you have welcomed first hand.

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