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What to Pack for a Cruise Holiday

Cruises have always demanded their own brand of ‘cruise etiquette’, and fashion has always played a large part of this, you are required to dress correctly – especially for evening events. Below is a short list of clothes and travel accessories you should pack, to make sure you are prepared for most eventualities.

If travelling somewhere hot…

.Light and loose fitting clothing e.g. t-shirts, skirts

Remember that the evenings may be cool even in a hot climate, so make sure you pack a few jumpers


Comfortable shoes (for day trips and activities)

If you will be visiting any religious places or conservative countries, make sure you bring clothes which will cover you and show respect

If Travelling somewhere cold…

Hat, scarf, gloves, thick coats and jumpers

Warm underclothes

Comfortable shoes (for day trips and activities)

Evening Wardrobe

Men – tuxedo, suit with ties, shirts, polo shirts, chinos

Women – dresses or smart outfits, formal and cocktail dresses or trouser suits

Smart shoes to match outfits

And don’t forget, for any holiday, you should always pack…

. Sun glasses

. Sun protection

. A guide book

. A sun hat

. A phrase book

. Photocopies of your important travel documents and prescriptions (just in case)

. Binoculars

. Travel insurance documents<
. EHIC (if travelling within Europe)

Enjoy your Cruise!

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