Top 10 Cruise Destinations

Picking a cruise holiday can be difficult; there are so many destinations and companies available that the choice can seem overwhelming. To help you choose, we have compiled a list of our favourite cruising destinations;


Beautiful weather, pristine beaches, lush gardens, crystal clear ocean, great music, great food – what more could you want?



A little cold, but as you sail through glass clear water and pristine ice, you could get the chance to see the Northern lights, penguins, wales, seals and beautiful birds.



The ‘aloha’ spirit will capture any visitors to Hawaii; you can visit an active volcano, relax on their warm beaches, or explore the spectacular scenery.



Although it is quite a journey, Australia is an amazing location for a truly memorable holiday. The opportunities to be active, to sight see and to relax are limitless.


Canary Islands

The Canary Islands really will feel like you have been washed up on a paradise Island. Each island has a different personality, and different things to offer.



Offers something for everyone, beautiful beaches, wildlife, stunning rainforests plus diving and snorkelling.


French Riviera

For a glamorous destination, which is favoured by celebrities, with beautiful beaches, great food, and fascinating culture – head to the French Riviera.

French Riviera


Again, a colder destination, but you could marvel at the Aurora, bears, moose and bald eagles.


Hong Kong

The culture, food, architecture and absolutely electric atmosphere will really captivate your senses.



Whether you want beaches and rainforests or deserts and snow-capped volcanoes or busy cities and historic ruins, Mexico can deliver.

Mexico pacific coast

Enjoy your cruising holiday.

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