Staying Safe at the Beach

Every year, thousands of holidaymakers flock to beaches around the world to enjoy some sun, sea and relaxation. However, a holiday disaster can easily happen at the beach, so here are our top tips for staying safe and well at the beach;


  1. Before you depart always do some research, check whether there will be a life guard, what the tide times are, and finally that there are no warnings in place, for example is it Jelly Fish Migration season? If so you are at a higher risk of being stung.
  2. Always wear sun protection, make sure you wear a factor of at least 25 (anything else is pretty much useless), always reapply every few hourss and after each swim. Also make sure you pack some sun glasses and a sun hat.
  3. If you can avoid it, do not bring valuables to the beach, it just isn’t worth the risk. However, we understand that many people want to bring their IPods and cameras, so just make sure that you never leave your possessions unattended. Do not bury anything, this will not keep your possessions safe, and imagine not remembering where you buried them!
  4. Suffering from sun stroke or dehydration is not a fun way to spend your holiday, so make sure you drink plenty of water and take regular breaks in the shade.
  5. Always be extremely careful when using inflatables in the sea, the current may be a lot stronger than it seems, and in minutes you could have travelled quite far away from the beach. Never use inflatables in the sea if there are strong winds or currents.
  6. Always be extremely vigilant when children are playing in the sea or away from you on the beach. Watch them at all times, and stay with them if they are swimming or playing with inflatables in the sea.
  7. If water sports are being played at the beach do not enter the sea – it could be dangerous. If you want to participate in water sports, make sure the company are safe and reputable, and check that your travel insurance covers you to partake.
  8. In some countries salesmen walk along the beach and attempt to sell products ranging from sunglasses and bags to jewellery and DVDs, be very wary of these people. Sometimes the products are faulty and the prices are normally massively inflated.
  9. When you return from the beach, always shower thoroughly and apply after sun or moisturiser. This should reduce skin irritation and sun burn.
  10. If you face a holiday disaster, make sure you contact your travel insurance company as soon as possible – they will offer help and advice. If you do fall ill at the beach and need medical treatment seek help immediately. If your possessions are stolen, contact the police as soon as possible.

Enjoy the beach!

P.S. For more information, watch our Beach Safety Video;

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