Packing Tips

Packing can be one of the most stressful parts of going away; finding the balance between packing too much and not enough is very difficult.


Here are our top 10 useful tips to stress free and successful packing:

1. Forget everything you knew about packing, do not fold your clothes, roll them to reduce space and prevent creasing.

2. Remember that airlines have size and weight restrictions on hand and hold luggage, check and weigh your luggage before you leave home to avoid expensive fines.

3. Remember that you cannot pack these items in your hand luggage;

4. Decide what you actually need and what you could live without, put outfits together before you leave, with accessories and shoes etc. Not only will this save space it will also save you the stress of having nothing to wear despite the suitcase full of clothes.

5. Mix and match your clothes, a maxi dress looks great on the beach and for a night out.

6. Always carry a change of clothes and any vital possessions (as long as they are allowed, see point three) in your hand luggage. Not only will this save space it will also cushion the misery if your case goes missing.

7. Wear your bulkiest things on the plane, this may sound silly but it will save you lots of room and bulky coats make great pillows for the journey.

8. Don’t pack things that are dry clean only, or things that will need loads of ironing, it’s just not worth it. Pack suitable clothing and ALWAYS remember to pack comfortable shoes.

9. Always leave room in your case, no matter how hard you try; you may come home with souvenirs and purchases, and you need to fit these in your case to get them home.

10. Think outside the box;

The final rule for successful packing is to remember to pack your important documents, for example your travel insurance documents in your hand luggage.

For more tips, check out our handy Packing Guide Video

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