Are We Nearly There Yet? How To Keep The Kids Entertained On Long Journeys!

For us adults, keeping children entertained while on the road can be a task. And for longer journeys, the challenge of keeping them occupied becomes harder. So, if you’re planning a family adventure and have a long journey ahead of you, these top tips will come in handy for keeping the little ones happy.

New surroundings can be both exciting and nerve-racking for us all. Depending on the child’s age, letting them know how long the journey is or how you will be travelling can ease anxiety, make them feel included, and help them to prepare.

The holiday experience starts the moment you begin packing. It is important to double check you have packed everything you may need as this will help keep the kids happy whilst travelling. Spend a few days beforehand getting organised and preparing your carry-on bags. There’s nothing worse than boarding a flight or setting off in the car and not knowing where all their favourite distractions are packed.

Our Top 10 Tips for Keeping Children Entertained on Long Journeys:

●        Get a window seat! If you are travelling by air, this simple tip can work wonders for their curiosity. Watching the views as you take off and land is fun for the whole family.

●        Get prepared with snacks – Taking a good variety of snacks is always helpful. Packing their favourite healthy snacks and treats will also help give them an energy boost for when you arrive.

●        Plan your trip – A little planning goes a long way. Planning fun activities to do while you’re on holiday can help with any travel anxiety and give them something to look forward to throughout the journey.

●        Use it as a learning opportunity – Take some writing supplies and let them get creative. You could even ask them to journal or complete a travel journey throughout your trip, if they’re old enough!

●        Play games – Playing some games together can be a great way to pass the time. Why not take a pack of cards and teach them how to play some old-school card games? You can even find mini monopoly boards online that are great fun. Buy yours here.

●        Get creative – Get creative to pass the time. You can pick up colouring books and pens  pretty much anywhere now-a-days. Most children love to get arty so you can be extra prepared with these.

●        Movie marathon – If your flight has internet, you can have a movie marathon or let them catch up on their favourite shows. Downloading them onto a smart device beforehand will save you time and stress, so make sure you add this to the to-do list!

●        Read a book – Depending on their age, reading is a great way to pass the time. You can read to them, listen to a podcast or encourage them to read a new book. For smaller children, picture or activity books are a great alternative.

●        Family quiz – Have quality time with a family quiz. You can download a quiz app or prepare one together in advance.

Remember, the travelling experience should be a part of the holiday fun and is a great learning experience for children – although it can be a little hectic. Deep breaths, allowing plenty of time and flexibility will be your best friend. We hope these tips, tricks and ideas help you and your family have an easy start to your summer adventures. Bon Voyage!

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