Top Ten Over 65s Travel Destinations

Many people are looking forward to escaping the UK this year, in search of some nice weather plus peace and quiet. To help give these people some inspiration, below are the top ten holiday destinations for senior travellers this year:



In just a few hours, anyone can fly/drive/sail or train their way to France. The country has something for everyone, from relaxing on the beach to skiing or mountain climbing, or a romantic city break in Paris to wine tasting in the country side.


A great ex-pat community, warm weather, beautiful beaches, short flights and good prices, places in Spain are a firm favorite.


Again, in a relatively short journey you could be in stunning Portugal. Famous for its beautiful beaches, weather and fish dishes.


A beautiful country heaving with historical significance. You will never get bored holidaying in Greece, with so many beaches and archeological sites to explore, not to mention the warm and friendly Greek culture to enjoy.


With a mixture of fashion, art, fantastic cuisine, beautiful coastlines, architecture, and rich history to explore, visiting places like Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence are a must.


If you love history, experiencing Cyprus is a must. Once there you can explore the roots of ancient civilizations or simply enjoy the weather.


From beautiful mountain scenery to buzzing cities, Germany makes a great holiday destination. Discover the birthplace of some of the world’s most famous composers or explore the country’s military history.


Although a longer journey, America is a firm favorite. It literally offers something for everyone, from the bright lights and gaming thrill of Las Vegas to the totally relaxed and sizzling LA. Everyone should visit at least once – plus Disneyland Florida will be a lasting hit with you and the Grandchildren.


Again, a much longer journey, but it will be absolutely worth it. Australia offers holidaymakers; stunning scenery, amazing wildlife, a rich history, a warm culture, time to relax and a time to run wild.

The Rest of the World

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