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Accidents happen all the time, but they can quickly turn serious if you are held liable for accidentally causing injury to someone else or damaging their property. If you would like to make a personal liability claim, we have listed all of the information you should need below. If you require any further information please contact our appointed claims assessors; Travel Claims Facilities.

 What is personal liability cover?

Most travel insurance policies will include a section called personal liability, which will provide cover in the event that you are found to be legally liable for accidental injury or damage you may have caused to another person or their property.

In the event of an incident, it is important that you do not admit liability or offer compensation, even if you feel that you are in the wrong. Wherever possible you should exchange names and addresses, and obtain the names and addresses of any bystanders that might have seen what happened.

If you receive any correspondence you must not reply to it, you must forward it to us immediately.

Am I eligible to make a personal liability claim and how can I start the process?

The claims department will then assess each claim based on the individual circumstances, so the best way to start the process is to send us a completed personal liability claim form. The front page will explain all the information and evidence we need to assess your claim – please complete the form as fully, truthfully and accurately as possible, as this will allow us to process your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you would like to discuss your claim, please visit our contact us page for further details.

Where do I send my completed Claim Form?

Once you have completed your claim form, we recommend that you take copies (just in case), attach all supporting documents and then send recorded delivery to:

Travel Claims Facilities,
1 Tower View,
Kings Hill,
West Malling,
ME19 4UY

How long will it take to process my claim?

  • Turnaround time – 15 – 20 working days from receipt of a fully completed claim form.
  • Phone calls – Wherever possible, call backs will be returned within 48 hours.
  • Letter Response -Incoming correspondence will be responded to within 10 working days of receipt.

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