Staycations and UK Holiday Ideas

In an age where international travel is so effortless, it can be easy to forget about the comparative ease and simplicity of a domestic holiday. Often known as a ‘staycation’, UK holidays can prove every bit as exotic and exciting as one abroad, often for a fraction of the cost, and with far less associated stress! Staycations traditionally constitute staying at home, and visiting local, often overlooked attractions. So if the thought of long haul flights and having to learn the basics of another language fill you with dread, a staycation here in the UK could be exactly what you’re looking for!

The benefits of holidaying in the UK

It stands to reason that staycations wouldn’t have achieved their current popularity if there weren’t considerable benefits attached to such an undertaking. The concept of a staycation sheds almost all of the complication and excess of a holiday abroad; leading to plentiful advantages.


Tips for your staycation

Just because you intend to be travelling in more local climes, there’s still a wide range of travel tips that you may find useful to take on board prior to embarking on your trip. Some will save you money, some will preserve your sanity; all are aimed at making your staycation that much more enjoyable!

Staycation beach picnic

When should you go on your staycation?

One of the central advantages of a staycation is that they can be undertaken whenever you wish; the only real restrictions on when you take such a holiday are those that you impose yourself. For example, whether you take one during Summer or Winter is entirely up to you; your desire to go for brisk winter walks, or visit the beer garden of that pub that you have never previously found the time to enjoy, may inform your choice of ideal season. Alternatively, seasonal sporting needs may rule the day; if you’re a tennis fan, summer is a safe bet in terms of both playing and spectating.

Some considerations in terms of timing your staycation are unavoidable; there may be busier periods in the year for your employer, which will dictate when holiday is broadly available. On the other hand, if you have children, school holidays will have a large determining factor on when you’re able to take your staycation. After all, there are now extensive restrictions on the booking of children’s holidays during term time, and as enjoyable as a staycation may be, it’s not worth the fine that trying to take one during term time is likely to incur.

Try out some alternative accommodation options for a staycation

If you want to do things a bit differently, taking a larger excursion from the norm, it may be an idea to look elsewhere for accommodation during some or all of your staycation. Not only does this help you to get a bit more into the holidays spirit, but puts you in the right mind-set to explore lesser known areas and activities in your local area; it’s very easy to get stuck in the same old routines while staying in your own home.

Staying somewhere other than home during your staycation may add a bit more in terms of incurred cost, but can further your level of relaxation in the process. You’ll no longer need to worry about housework, as all maintenance will be taken care of by the staff or owners of your accommodation. You can also take easy advantage of whatever other facilities the paid for accommodation that you’ve chosen has to offer, whether this is sports facilities or a spa. All of that and you still don’t have to travel too far or break the bank. If you’re feeling really lazy/adventurous, you don’t even need to pack too extensively; simply return home whenever you need to replenish supplies, you’re local after all!

If hotels or bed and breakfasts don’t tickle your fancy, but you’re still determined to have some or all of your staycation staying somewhere other than your home, it may be worth asking family or friends when they intend to go on holiday, and see if they would mind you staying at their place. It’s a change from the norm that’s still not too unfamiliar, but maybe just enough to get you prodded into the holiday spirit. It’s less expensive this way as well!


Staycation ideas that are ideal for families


Staycation ideas that are perfect for couples


UK locations that are well worth a visit

Of course, you don’t have to completely write off travel during a staycation, there are plenty of domestic destinations that are well worth a visit. After all, if you’ve been able to save money on every other aspect of the holiday, why not splash out on a trip to some local tourist attractions. You’ve been hearing about/driving past it for years, now’s the time to give it a go!


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