Top 10 Beach Holiday Destinations

If you really want to escape your stressful routine, and truly relax on holiday, then all you need is good weather and a stunning beach to bask on. Picking a great beach holiday destination can be difficult, as most pictures are going to be flattering and reviews can be tricky to find.

To help you decide where to go this year, we have compiled our top 10 favourite holiday destinations solely on how good their beaches are. Some are in Europe and others are further afield, but each destination below offers stunning beaches, which will not fail to impress even the biggest beach connoisseur.

Below we have included a mix of destinations, each offering a different culture and atmosphere, plus a wide range of activities and water sports to keep more active travellers happy.

Check out our favourites:


With its warm weather all year round, Australia remains a popular choice for holidaymakers. Culture differs depending on which region you choose to visit and the country has always had a ‘laid-back’ reputation. Australia has a population of around 22.7 million, with mostly coastal areas being inhabited.

With so many beaches in Australia, you can find yourself spoilt for choice! Surfing is extremely popular in the region with great waves, lush blue seas and a carpet of white sand. Popular beaches include Bondi Beach (Sydney’s most visited beach), Palm Beach and Byron Bay.



The exotic culture of Brazil is what draws in so many visitors each year. With bright and colourful parades, upbeat samba music and gorgeous weather; it makes the perfect destination for a beach holiday.

One of the most popular and famous beaches in Brazil is Copacabana Beach with over 4km of sand to enjoy. You can usually find sports such as volleyball and football as well as water sports here giving you plenty to get involved with, not to mention all-night partying all year round!



The Caribbean is usually a popular destination for honeymoons but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a holiday in paradise just for relaxing! The Caribbean is well known for its bright white beaches and clear blue waters, making the top of almost all holidaymakers’ wish lists!

Montego Bay in Jamaica is a popular spot for its nightlife and snorkelling as well as the great reggae culture. Why not try some of the Jamaican cuisines while enjoying the happy music that consumes the island. Punta Cana is also popular thanks to its golfing, casinos and snorkelling lifestyle. Look out for dolphins while you’re there!



The historical culture of Egypt is enough in itself to want to visit. With the pyramids, Sphinx and the River Nile, there is so much to see and do that you’ll be looking for a few days of relaxation in between.

Egypt is home to beautiful golden beach beaches such as Taba which is surrounded by mountainous ranges, giving it a secretive and magical feel. You can also visit Ras Shitan which features many exotic cushion seated areas, adding a real touch of Egyptian culture to your standard beach visit.



Thanks to its party towns and luscious beaches, Greece is one of the most popular holiday locations in Europe. The Greek culture is very different from those around the world, with distinct food in particular. Why not try some of the great home-grown olives and olive oil or savour some original Moussaka!

Rhodes, Zakynthos, Kos and Skiathos are all known for their great beaches – made for relaxing. If you get bored, you can find water parks near the beaches as well as water sports, snorkelling and you can even see sea turtles!



Mexico is commonly associated with drinking and partying thanks to it being a spring break location, but this is definitely not the only thing it is good for! Many people flock here for family holidays or relaxing breaks with their friends and other halves as you are spoilt for beach choices!

Cancun is a popular Mexican destination as it boasts great aquatic life, allowing you to view rare species as well as swimming with dolphins! Other beaches such as Akumal and Playa del Carmen are popular for honeymooners and snorkelling lovers.



Portugal is well known for being a great location for golfing holidays. Whilst this is true, there are so many more things to explore closer to the shoreline. Snorkelling and water sports are particularly popular in the summertime thanks to the perfect blue seas and deep reefs.

The Algarve is perhaps the most popular destination in Portugal with beautiful marinas to explore, water parks and perfect sandy beaches. Albufeira is also a popular hotspot in Portugal, with a strip of bars and restaurants right near the sea as well as a large selection of water-based activities.



There are many great beach destinations that fall under the Spanish label, some of which are popular locations for holidaymakers! Places such as Majorca, Ibiza, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, and Marbella attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year of all ages!

Although the nightlife is great in these places, in the daytime there are caves to explore, golf courses, marinas and historical buildings to visit – just to mention a few activities. You can even take up a spot of yoga to keep you calm, enjoy some Flamenco dancing or even explore volcanoes.



Many beaches in Thailand have been used as backdrops in movies and are some of the most idyllic places you can find on earth. The bright white sands and still blue waters are surrounded by green-dusted mountains and rocks, offering great views whilst you sunbathe.

The Thai culture has distinct elements such as its food. Try some on your travels including noodle-based dishes or fresh seafood! Islands such as Phuket and Koh Samui are famed for their beautiful beaches, great shopping and abundance of aquatic life.


The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are unusual in their own gorgeous way, as from a distance they look like a bright blue drop in a dark blue sea! You can find sea and beach houses dotted around, surrounded by lush green palm trees with mountains as your backdrop!


Just remember to slap on the sunscreen, drink plenty of water and invest in quality travel insurance before you completely turn off and surrender to sun-worshipping.

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