Top 10 Travel Essentials

When travelling, it pays to be prepared as failing to be organised can cost you valuable time and sometimes money!

Here are our top 10 tips & tricks.


Passport Holder

So, there’s always one person who takes charge of the passports, but for security you will individually need them. If there are more than two of you travelling it can get confusing and take time dishing them all out again.

Although you will need to take them out of the covers in most airports for security, the time it saves waiting for one person to work out who’s is who is invaluable.

Get something that shows it is definitely yours, or even better, go for a personalised one.

Documents Holder.

As above, this comes in super handy when there’s a massive group of you, but even when it’s just yourself. Having somewhere to store all of your important information is vital when travelling. You don’t want to hold everyone up because your ticket or boarding pass has slipped to the bottom of your bag!

First Aid Kit.

Now, we always ensure to pack the standard plasters, medication, savlon etc. we have since come across this. The last thing you want to do on your holiday is schlep to the nearest pharmacy for bite cream or burn ointment – just bring them with you!

This overseas professional medical kit contains a whole host of products that you may or may not need throughout your travels, but it’s better to be safe than sorry right?

Top Tip: Having had a lifetime of being bitten by mosquito’s and having to reside ourselves to this, we then came across this amazing company, incognito.

It has been tested to the extreme – including having a room full of mossies, and the tester did not get bitten once! They do so many products that you will be spoilt for choice, including candles, body wash, moisturiser and more.

Wash Bag.

No matter your preference, whether you prefer an actual bag or a folding hanging bag, this is definitely an essential.

You don’t want your shampoo banging around your suitcase, and you definitely don’t want any explosions!

Amazon have a varied range of all of these.

Top Tip: Remember that all liquids over 100ml must be packed in your hold luggage. Liquids under this can be taken on the plane as long as they are within a clear plastic bag, and the container can only hold 100ml (a half empty 200ml bottle will not be allowed). 

Travel Pillow.

We never really understood the benefits until we started getting older, but oh wow they help so much!

The Independent have done their Top 10 best pillows here.

Having a pillow on any journey is an essential to ensure you are sleeping in the correct positions rather than all crumpled up.

You will thank us when you wake up ready to start your holiday!

Eye mask/Ear Plugs.

If you are one of those people who can’t deal with loud noises or bright lights, you need these.

When travelling, you can never guarantee what noises you will be privy to, and the lights are always super bright.

Team these with your pillow and you are all set!

Tiger Balm.

Being well travelled here at @Holidaysafe HQ, we have picked up various tips & tricks from our travels.

It smells amazing, and is very reasonable, even on a backpacker budget!

The White Tiger Balm is really good for headaches, and if you prefer not to take tablets or need something to work alongside them, this is for you!

Waterproof Phone Case.

No matter how steady you think your hand is, it’s not. Especially when they are slippery, or when you’ve had a few drinks etc.

This is a handy case for your phone to keep it waterproof. It says that you can take it up to 100feet and it will be ok, so you could easily use it to take cool underwater shots too.


This is a must! There are so many opportunities for you to use them during your travels. On the journey, be it a plane, car or train, whilst sunbathing or just chilling out.

Invest in some decent ones, and you then won’t be constantly paranoid of breaking them.

A Decent Book.

We suggest you have a look on here if you need some inspiration, or even ask your friends and family. They may know you better to recommend something to you.

You can’t beat the smell and feel of a brand-new book and this is one of our travelling rituals. Ensuring we have at least one brand new book to take away with us.


We found this and couldn’t not show you! So, we have snuck a sneaky extra essential in.

The CGear Sand-Free Multimat, this is something that anyone who goes on beach holidays now needs in their lives.

The construction of the material means that it’s one-way sift protects from the mess that sand usually makes, which means your sandy blanket is no more!

Being reversible means it works just as well either side, and the breathable fabric won’t kill grass if you want to use it at home too.

The company also make Tote Bags with the same technology. No more sandy sandwiches… see what we did there…?

We can’t wait to get our hands on these!

Have you got any other essentials? We’d love to hear from you. Tag us @Holidaysafe.

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