Après Ski: 10 Ways to Relax after a day on the Slopes

Après Ski, which means ‘after skiing’ in French, refers to the range of activities and entertainment offered by winter sports resorts, to help you relax after a day on the slopes. The events will differ depending on your chosen resort, but below we’ve listed the top 10 most common and popular après ski activities.

Après Ski Activities for Families

Pony Riding – usually available for kids aged 18 months to 12 years, some resorts offer families the chance to rent a pony and sled (or ‘poney luge’), so one child can ride the pony, another can sit in the sled, and the adult can hike alongside holding the reigns.


Bobsledding – if your kids are a little too old for pony rides, they may enjoy the thrill of bobsledding a little bit more. The sport, which you may have seen on the winter Olympics, involves sliding down an ice covered track at speed. There are seven tracks in Europe to choose from – don’t worry, they offer separate packages for different abilities, including beginners.


Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride – there is nothing quite like taking a relaxing sleigh ride to wind down after a hard days skiing or snowboarding. The kids will love the novelty of the experience, and you’ll get to see how beautiful the resort and surrounding areas really are.


Ice Skating – a firm family favourite, ice skating is a great way to spend time together learning or refining another winter sports skill. All different abilities are welcome, and let’s face it; Mum or Dad falling down never gets old.


Husky Rides – if your kids are animal lovers they’ll love the chance to take a husky ride, plus you’ll get the rush of controlling the dogs (with an experienced guide of course).  Again, it’s a great way to explore the beautiful snowy scenery, and do something new as a family.

Après Ski Activities For Adults

Music – most ski resorts will offer a wide variety of musical entertainment, from night clubs and piste festivals to atmospheric piano bars. Remember, each resort is different, so it’s important to do your research before you book, to ensure it will cater to your tastes.


Spa – a day on the slopes can be very physically demanding, so why not treat yourself to a few relaxing spa treatments? May resorts around the world will offer some kind of spa facilities, ranging from saunas and swimming pools to massages and facials.

Food and Drink – if you’re a foodie then make sure you pick a resort with great restaurants and bars. Remember, some of the more family friendly resorts may not offer a great variety of foods, but others will offer local and international delicacies, including wine tasting and fondue evenings.


Snowmobiling – if you’re not quite ready to call it a day, you could try snowmobiling. You should be able to easily rent a snowmobile from the resort, or somewhere nearby, so just ensure you choose a reputable shop with licenced machines. You may be required to attend a safety class before they let you loose on the snow, so just bear that in mind.


Scenic Walks – this may sound like a relatively boring activity after a day of adrenaline pumping sports, but at some point during your trip it is important to stop, and really admire the beautiful setting. Even a short walk could reinvigorate your mind, act as a good cool down exercise, and get you some great holiday snaps at the very least.


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