Did you Know…

We thought we’d give you some interesting travel facts to get your wanderlust and adventurous spirits pumping.

Did you know…

. Doubly land locked countries – there are only two of these in the world; Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein.

. The country with the highest altitude – Nepal and China share the highest point which is the top of Mount Everest at over 8,800m.

. The country with the lowest point on Earth – is located between Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth, at around 400m below sea level.

. The country which holds the most water – thanks to its proportion of ice caps, Greenland takes the crown for the country holing the most water in any form.

. The largest country in the world – is Russia, at around 17,075,400 km².

. The smallest country in the world – is the Vatican City as 0.44 km².

. The hottest place on Earth – is Death Valley, which gained the official title of ‘hottest place on Earth’ in 2012 after a record breaking temperature of 56.7C was recorded. However it is worth noting that at night temperatures in the valley can drop below freezing.

. The coldest place on Earth – is unsurprisingly in Antarctica, where a confirmed reading of -89.2 °C has been recorded.

. The most populated country in the world – is China, which is around 9,706,961 km² with a population of over 1,300,000,000.

. The least populated country in the world – is officially the Vatican City, with a population of around 800. However, many people actually think the award should go to the Pitcairn Islands with a population of around 50 people.

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