Tips for Avoiding Jet Lag

Every year, more and more people are heading further afield for trips and holidays, unfortunately a long flight and the effect of entering into a new time zone will usually result in jet lag.

Jet Lag will have different effects on different people, and these can range from lethargy and grumpiness, to headaches and stomach upsets, to disorientation and diarrhoea.

To help avoid and counteract jet lag, here are our top tips;

• If your flight is particularly long, think about booking a stopover for a day or one night, this will give your body a chance to adapt mid journey.

• A few days before your trip, you could attempt to sync your sleeping habits with the country you are planning to visit. This should reduce the effect of jet lag when you arrive.

• When you step onto the plane, change the time on your watch to your destination time. This will give you a few more hours to adapt.

• Try not to consume too much caffeine, sugar or alcohol before you arrive, as this will only confuse your body further. Once you arrive, small amounts of caffeine and lots of fruit will help to make you feel more alert.

• When you arrive, make sure you sync your sleeping and waking routine as quickly as possible, if you can stay awake during the day and sleep only at night it will get easier faster.

• It is not advisable to take medication to help you sleep; this will prevent your body from properly adjusting, and will make the effects of jet lag last longer.

• Make sure you drink plenty of water, as this will keep your body hydrated if you become ill.

• If you really need to take a nap during the day, only sleep for 20-30 minutes, this has been found to be the optimum ‘power nap’ time. Any longer or shorter and your body will feel worse.

If you follow these guidelines, it should reduce the effect jet lag, and help your body clock to readjust and conquer it as quickly as possible.

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