Travelling by Bus or Rail Abroad

Public transport is a great way to travel around abroad; it throws you head first into the culture, and allows you to see more of your destination, plus it is usually a lot cheaper than using a taxi.

It can be daunting to use public transport abroad, but if you know some simple facts and use our suggestions below, it can be extremely easy;


• Buses will usually be the cheapest way to get around; and it will also give you a chance to see more of your destination. If there are several bus routes, make sure you check the map and route before you get on.


• In most countries there will be a mix of trains available, ranging from underground to high speed and trams. There will also usually be a mix of local and international trains, trains that travel slowly around your destination, and high speed trains which take you through and out of the country.

• Again, make sure you check that you are on the right platform and line before getting on the train.


• Print out the bus and train routes on the internet before you depart for your holiday, or buy a local guide book (which should include public transport maps). This should help you to familiarise the stops you want.

• If you know the name of the station or stop you want to get off at, and you are feeling nervous, ask the bus driver or someone on the train to let you know when you are approaching that stop, (learning a basic phrase and pointing at the stop on the map should be sufficient).

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