Guide to packing Sports Equipment

Every year thousands of people get on airplanes and head off on sporting or activity holidays abroad. Most sports equipment is not allowed to be carried as hand luggage on an aircraft, so must be checked in as luggage. To make sure your equipment arrives safely and unscathed during the flight, here are our top tips for packing and travelling with sporting equipment;

• When booking your flights check the airline’s policy on transporting sports equipment or oversized baggage. The airline could have very specific rules about the size of baggage allowed on the flight, plus rules about how the equipment must be packed, for example some airlines expect you to remove your bicycle peddles and deflate the tyres before packing. Be aware that you will probably have to pay an extra charge.

• The best way to protect your equipment is to buy a specialist bag, it may cost a little extra but these carriers have been specifically designed to house and protect vulnerable equipment. Never try to transport equipment such as skis outside of a bag, as it is dangerous for baggage handlers, other baggage and your gear.

• Next, place the equipment in the specialist bag, if there is extra room add rolled up items of clothing or towels around, this will add further padding to the bag and should give the gear extra support during transit. Just remember to put any toiletries, shoes or anything hard in another bag, to prevent damage.

• Always padlock all of your bags and include two luggage labels, one on the outside and one on the inside of your bag (in case the outer label falls off). This should ensure that your luggage arrives safely at your destination.

• Finally, always remember to invest in travel insurance before you depart for your trip. You could spend hours meticulously packing your gear only to find that it has been lost or damaged when you arrive. Quality travel insurance should cover lost, delayed or damaged equipment as standard.

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