Sports Travel Insurance

Typically, there are two types of sporting holidays;

1. You have booked your holiday specifically to partake in your chosen sport, for example playing golf or scuba diving the entire time.

2. You have booked a holiday and may partake in an activity once or twice during the trip, for example swimming, paragliding or banana boating.

Whichever holiday you are planning, it is absolutely vital that you invest in quality travel insurance before you depart.


Here are our top tips for buying affordable and quality Sports Travel Insurance;

• Does the policy actually cover you to participate in your chosen sport?

• Are there any limits to how many days you can spend participating? For example some ski policies limit you to a maximum of 17 days skiing during your trip.

• Does the policy cover your/hired sports equipment, if it gets lost, delayed, damaged or stolen?

• Make sure the insurance will cover you for the entire duration of your trip.

• Make sure you choose the correct cover for the country you are visiting. For example, many companies ask you to choose from Europe, World Wide Excluding and World Wide Including, make sure you pick the correct option. Ask the company if you are unsure.

• Does the policy actually meet your needs? Check the levels of cover offered carefully to avoid being left out of pocket.

When you buy any travel insurance policy you should check that;

• Make sure you have declared any pre-existing medical conditions, and make sure your policy covers them. If you have not declared your conditions you will not be covered for any subsequent bills.

• The cancellation cover is enough to cover the pre-paid costs of your trip.

• The insurance includes at least two million pounds of emergency medical cover and repatriation (£5 million if travelling worldwide). This may seem extreme but medical treatment abroad can become extremely expensive.

• The policy covers the costs of emergency items of clothing if your bags are lost by the airline.

• The policy covers your baggage and personal possessions if they become lost, damaged or stolen.

• Once you have purchased your policy, you will usually be given 14 days to read it through and check that it covers your particular needs.

• Most importantly, ALWAYS read the small print.

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