Holidaysafe Reviews – Corfu

After the recent Channel 4 smash ‘What Happens in Kavos’, people may be forgiven for thinking that Corfu has nothing more than bars, clubs and great weather – however, the little Greek Island has so much more to offer, as I discovered in my recent trip.

I could sit and write a long review of my trip to Corfu, but instead, I decided to list my top 10 reasons why you won’t regret a holiday to the beautiful Greek Island;

1. Greece has unfortunately been in the grip of economic problems for several years now, and so holiday companies have dropped their prices significantly to try and attract travellers and boost the economy – therefore there are some fantastic deals to be had.

2. The views and beaches are absolutely breathtaking. We decided to stay in a villa high in the hills of a small village called Kalami, which gave us amazing views right across to neighbouring Albania. Corfu is filled with little towns like Kalami, which all have their own secluded beaches, each with its own set of fantastic local restaurants and entertainment.

3. The weather is really great over the summer months – we had beautiful days of 32°C, with clear blue skies (ensure you bring sun cream.)

4. Speed boat is the best way to get around. This may sound over extravagant, but the roads around Corfu are not great if you don’t have a lot of experience driving abroad, or if you suffer from travel sickness. One day we decided to head to the main Corfu town (Kerkira) to explore, and a return trip by boat was only €20 per person, which meant no traffic, a cool breeze, a different way to explore the island, and a great experience.


5. For any film buffs, the 1981 James Bond smash hit ‘For Your Eyes Only’ was filmed in Kalami.

6. Unfortunately Corfu doesn’t offer many conventional Greek ruins, but history buffs will enjoy visiting the ‘Old Fort’ in Kerkira, which is a fantastic fortress built into the hills. The Fortress offers years of military history and amazing views for miles in all directions (we climbed right to the highest point, but the views from all levels are great). There are also some great museums, one of which displays some beautiful ancient art from around Asia.


7. For any literature buffs, Kalami was home to the famous Durell family, with Lawrence and Gerald both writing about the island.

8. Corfu offers you the chance to experience an authentic taste of Greece, with fantastic food (I am still having withdrawal symptoms from pita bread and Tzatziki) and great entertainment. One evening we headed to a tavern on the neighbouring beach for a ‘Greek Night’, and far from being cheesy, we had the opportunity to watch some famous Greek dancing and plate smashing!


9. The best thing to do in Corfu is simply to relax and wander – wander the quaint streets of Kerkira and explore the local shops and restaurants, wander around the little coves and discover secret beaches and great restaurants (obviously ensuring you bring plenty of water.)

10. I’ve saved the best till last – the sea is gorgeous; I have never seen such clear turquoise and blue waters. We spent our days relaxing on the beach, watching a mix of small boats and yachts lazily pulling into the cove on a quiet adventure. If you find it hard to sit still on holiday, you can rent Kayaks, rent boats, and even head to Albania for a day trip.


For these reasons and so many more, Corfu is now one of my favourite summer holiday destinations, and we’ve already decided it will be our destination of choice next year. On our next trip, we are really keen to do some Island hopping, to explore some of the other gems Greece has to offer.

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