How to Live in Hostels

If you’re planning a backpacking holiday or a Gap Year it is more than likely that you will spend some time in a hostel. Hostels tend to come with an unfair stigma attached; they are associated with dirty, dangerous and unruly hovels.

Contrary to popular belief, many hostels are great places to stay; they are safe, welcoming, comfortable and clean. They generally have rooms with multiple beds, a kitchen, showers, and a socialising area.


Nevertheless, staying in a hostel does come with a period of adjustment, just like living in university halls. Below are our tips and advice for thriving and enjoying your time in hostels:

Research hostels before you depart



Invest in the essentials



Do live out of your bag



Listen and learn



If you can rent a locker/space to secure your possessions, do it! Just to be extra safe.



Accidents happen



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