If you have a passion for travel, teaching or helping the less fortunate, then teaching abroad could be a perfect adventure for you.



Teaching abroad will allow you to develop priceless skills such as leadership, training, languages and cultural understanding. These can transmit into any career, whether you choose to carry on teaching or head into a completely different direction.

You can now become part of teaching projects almost anywhere in the world, whether you want to teach sports, dancing, music, singing, English, maths or science, to name just a few, there is a project to suit you.

You just need to decide what you are passionate about teaching, and where you want to teach – you could travel to Europe or further afield. The internet is full of websites and organisations that can organise the whole trip for you, but just make sure that you fully research the country, project and website before you commit to anything.

Remember that teaching and travelling will always present challenges, but the rewards (for you and the community you are helping) are invaluable.

To give you some ideas, here are our top three teaching opportunities;

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