Most Backpacker and Longstay travellers plan their adventures around chances to experience other cultures and ways of life, and unsurprisingly many find themselves seeking work within local communities, either for experience or money.

Volunteering farm work

WWOOFing or ‘World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms’, is basically an exchange programme where people who are interested in agriculture or nature can travel abroad and volunteer for a farm or small holding. In return for hard work, the WWOOF hosts provide food, lodgings and of course the opportunity to learn.

When you start your WWOOFing adventure, you will travel to live with your hosts for a period of time decided by you both, for example you could stop by for three days during a backpacking trip, or you could stay for six months. On average, people usually decide to stay for a couple of weeks, during which time you will be expected to join in with the activities of the host, working around 6 hours a day to pay for your lodgings.

WWOOF programmes are now available throughout the world, and are a great way to travel, learn about a specific culture, and different approaches to agriculture. You could work on a vineyard in France, or harvest mangoes in Bangladesh – the world is your oyster!

The range of activities and jobs available is astounding; you could potentially find yourself…

Imagine adding those to your CV! The first step is to decide where you want to travel, and what activity you want to participate in or learn more about.

For more information about how to apply for a specific activity, farm or destination, visit WWOOFInternational.org.

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