Activities on holiday – Are you covered?

Sport and activity holidays have become hugely popular over the last few years, as many people are travelling to practice their skills, or to learn a brand new sport.

Sky Dive

Many sports and activities, like skydiving and scuba diving, can be much cheaper to do abroad than in the UK. However despite all the dangers associated with extreme sports, insurance for dangerous activities abroad usually isn’t researched as carefully as it should be.
Many people incorrectly assume that either…

1. Medical treatment will be free in the country they are visiting, as it is in the UK.

2. That their cheap travel insurance will cover any and every sport or activity that they may decide to try while on holiday.

3. The activity company will pay for any injuries.

Unfortunately, without specialist travel insurance you leave yourself vulnerable to potentially huge bills if something goes wrong. To protect yourself and your trip and still enjoy your favourite activities, follow the checklist below:

• If travelling within Europe, always carry an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). This will entitle you to free or discounted health care and medications in most European countries. (Please note the EHIC will not work in private clinic, and most insurers will not cover private treatment, so head for a state hospital as you would in the UK if at all possible.)

• When purchasing travel insurance, always double check your policy wording to make sure you are covered for your chosen activity. If you aren’t, enquire if you can pay a small additional premium to add this cover to your policy. If you are bringing or hiring equipment, you should also double check if this is covered.

• When booking any activity always ensure you book through a reputable firm. Double check that they have all the relevant checks and measures in place so they are definitely safe and regulated. Always do plenty of research before handing over any money.

*Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices. This code entitles you to an additional 5% off your policy, and is a discount from the base price, not including the additional cost of optional extensions or any additional medical premium.