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Brexit FAQ

After what feels like pushback after pushback, Britain will be leaving the EU at the end of January 2020. The Withdrawal Agreement has been passed on by the House of lords and the Queen, so we will be leaving with a deal on January 31st.

There has been so much uncertainty around Brexit and how it will affect travel plans for 2020. However, it has been confirmed that on January 31st, the UK will enter a transition phase which will continue until 31st December 2020. What will happen in 2021 is still unknown, but rest assured you can book your 2020 summer holiday with peace of mind that travelling should be unaffected.

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Do I need to Brexit- proof my trip?

You should always protect your holiday with a travel insurance policy that meets your needs. If you are visiting anywhere in the EU be sure to read your policy wording thoroughly to ensure you are covered.

What does Brexit cover actually cover?

Holidaysafe policies can provide the following cover:

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Does your cover change after Brexit?

No, our cover will remain the same depending on when you purchased your policy. For example, if there are strikes at airports or ports after Brexit has happened (January 31st) that have been announced and covered in travel news prior to you booking your policy and travelling, you may not be covered for trip disruption as this was something that you could have foreseen. If you have booked your trip prior to this incident, you would be covered.

Has there been any cover changes regarding Brexit?

Our cover has remained the same, with the Platinum Single and Multi-Trip offering cover should you cancel your trip for any unexpected or unforeseen cause beyond your reasonable control, including Brexit related issues.

Which policy offers cover for Brexit?

Our policies all have optional extensions and varied cover levels for financial failure, medical attention, repatriation – the list goes on. However, we do recommend our Platinum polices which offer that extra level of protection should you be visiting somewhere in the EU. For more information, click here.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Brexit cover?

This all depends on the level of cover your currently have. For more information or to change your existing policy, you can contact our friendly assistance team on 0333 999 2675.

Will I need a new passport if I’m travelling to Europe post-Brexit?

As a member of the EU, UK travellers are only required to have a passport which is ‘in date’ on the day they return home, to the UK. During the transition period this will remain the same, however whether or not this will change after the 31st December is unknown.

If I want to travel to Europe post-Brexit, will I need a visa?

Holidaymakers will not need a visa when travelling to the EU. However, it may become a necessity in 2021.

Can I still use the EHIC post-Brexit?

Despite speculation throughout 2019, it has been confirmed that the EHIC will be valid until 31st December 2020.

The European Health Insurance Card, entitles UK citizens to free or discounted emergency healthcare when travelling in the EU. It has been a holiday staple for many Brits over the years, however this doesn’t mean that travel insurance is not a necessity. You need to declare all medical conditions to your travel insurer, otherwise your policy may become void.

Will there be longer queues at border control?

According to the Government, transport will not be affected by Brexit, meaning flights will not be grounded. Security processes at airports will remain the same for passengers travelling to or from the UK, so queues shouldn’t be longer than usual.

This being said, if delays do become an issue, then passengers should allow enough time to get through check-in and security.

Will my driving license still be valid in the EU after Brexit?

Currently, UK residents driving in an EU country require only a full UK driver’s license. It has been confirmed that under the Withdrawal Agreement this will continue as of 31st January 2020.

Do bear in mind, travel insurance does not cover motor insurance, therefore if you are hiring a car or taking your own vehicle, then you will need to take out appropriate car insurance cover.

Will I still be entitled to duty free goods after Brexit?

UK residents will still have access to duty free allowances on certain items, post Brexit. However, after the transition period the answer to this is currently unknown.

If you are travelling to the EU, information on the items involved and allowances can be found on the European Commission website.

UK travellers will still be able to request VAT refunds on certain goods purchased with the EU, as long as they are shown to customs on departure from the EU accompanied with relevant VAT refund documentation.

What happens if my tour operator goes bust?

Unfortunately travel companies going bust is not an irregular occurrence. Holidaymakers who purchase a package holiday that is ATOL protected will be able to claim back their money should the company go into liquidation. This does include holidays which have been bought from an EU company.

If you have paid for a holiday using your credit card, then you may be able to claim the cost back from the credit card company, should the travel provider go into liquidation.

If your holiday is not ATOL-protected and the travel company goes bust, then providing you have financial failure covered as part of your travel insurance policy, then you are protected.

If my flight is delayed due to Brexit will I be entitled to compensation?

As part of the EU Regulation 261/2004, travellers are entitled to claim compensation up to €600 (depending on length of delay and flight duration) from the airline.

Keep in mind that this is not applicable for delays caused by circumstances outside of the airline’s control, such as dangerous weather conditions. This legislation has also been introduced by the UK Government post-Brexit.

As for travel insurance, if you are delayed then we will offer compensation per 12 hours you are kept waiting. The amount varies depending on the level of cover you have chosen. For more information click here.

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