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Brexit FAQ

The uncertainty of the impact of Brexit is causing unease across the UK. Whilst we don’t have the answers to everything Brexit related, we can certainly help clear up some travel and travel insurance concerns we know you have, to help relieve some of the stress.

Will I still be able to use the EHIC?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) has always been essential when travelling within the EU, to ensure you receive free or discounted treatment in public hospitals. However, this runs the risk of becoming invalid if an agreement is unable to be met.

According to Travel Insurance Explained, 82% of UK holidaymakers agreed that the EHIC (or a similar agreement) would need to be renegotiated, which is no surprise seeing as their welfare whilst abroad would be impacted otherwise.

With this in mind, travel insurance prices may increase in line with more expensive EU medical claims. At Holidaysafe we are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible for our customers, and we will be regularly reviewing our cover and prices to ensure we continue to offer award winning cover and prices.

If my flight is delayed am I entitled to compensation?

UK travellers are entitled to claim compensation of up to €600 (varying based on length of delay and your flight duration) from the airline as stated in the European passengers’ rights rules.  (Remember, you cannot claim if the delay was related to something completely outside of the airline’s control, for example dangerous weather or air traffic control issues.)

Don’t forget that your Holidaysafe travel insurance can also provide a set benefit amount per 12 hours that you’re delayed, and we can even provide cover for you to completely abandon your trip if you’re delayed at the airport for 24 hours. Choose a policy that provides high levels of cover if delays are a concern of yours, view our complete range of policies here.

What if my plane is grounded post-Brexit?

At present there is an ‘open skies’ agreement in place which allows planes the freedom to travel throughout the EU. It is yet to be publicly announced whether this will continue after the 29th March 2019, the decision is not in the hands of the airlines themselves, so they can only hope for minimal change and disruption. 

Whether you’ve bought a plane ticket already, or you’re planning on buying one, rest assured that if the plane is grounded you will be fully refunded by the airline. If you’ve booked your holiday as package you will be covered to cancel or transfer your entire trip. If you’ve booked each element of your holiday separately, you may not be able to claim compensation for additional costs such as accommodation, car hire or any transfers.

From our extensive research, there is only a slight chance planes will be unable to fly post-Brexit, but we wanted to give you the heads up in advance.

Post-Brexit, will I even need travel insurance?

If you have booked a package holiday through an EU company and they stop trading, make sure you have chosen a policy which provides cover for ‘end supplier failure’ or ‘financial failure.’ There are a vast number of travel insurance policies out there, so make sure you read all policy documents and ensure the policy really meets your needs.

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