Cheap Flights Guide: Money Saving Ways to See the World – Booking Tips and Tricks

For many, a holiday is a once-a-year treat, something you are willing to spend a little bit extra on. However just because you are happy to splurge and really treat yourself and loved ones, doesn’t mean you would turn down a good deal when you see one.


Often the flights themselves can cost more than the accommodation, which is crazy considering you may be staying in 5-star luxury for ten nights, all-inclusive, the lot!

If you do the right research and book at the right time, you couldget a great deal and secure your dream holiday without such a hefty price tag.Have we got you intrigued?

Read on for all our tips on how to save on flights!

Shop the January sales: We know all to well about the infamous Boxing Day sales that floodour high streets and inbox every year. However, it is not just clothes, sofasand other household appliances that are discounted – flights, accommodation andpackage holidays often have massive discounts, meaning you can get that getawayfor a fraction of the price.

You can book a cheap flight in January for six months, eightmonths, even in a years-time, so don’t think these sales are just for those whowant to drop everything and jet off last minute. There really is something foreveryone, so make the most of the sale and bag that holiday bargain.

Shop midweek: A lot of people don’t know this but depending on the day you bookyour flight; it can really impact the price you’re going to pay. It has beensaid that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the least popular days to book a flight,so what better than to reduce the price across those days to try and get moresales. What’s more once one major airline announces a sale, it seems othersjump on the bandwagon, so you could find yourself with quite a lot of choice topick through.

Be flexible: Depending on your circumstances you may or may not be able to be abit more flexible when booking your flight. It is always best to book yourflight before you sort your accommodation, just because the number of planesgoing to your chosen destination are often more limited than the number ofplaces you could stay. So, if you can be less rigid on the day and time you wouldlike to depart, then you may be able to save yourself quite a lot of money.This may mean flying at a more awkward time or having to book that extra dayoff work, however it may end up being worth it for the saving you could get.

Another way to save money is being willing to fly from analternative airport. For example, when filtering through fights, selecting ‘allLondon airports’ as opposed to Heathrow only. This should provide you withflights at varying price points and plenty more options. Again, this depends onyour personal situation. Understandably, if you have young children thentravelling an extra 30 minutes to get to the airport may not be ideal howeverif you are considering a couple’s getaway then it may be easy and stress-freeto go further afield. You would be surprised at the price difference betweenflying from one airport compared to another, so it is definitely worth lookinginto.

Check comparison sites: It goes without saying that travel comparison and last-minute dealsites are a great option when trying to find a bargain flight. As well as aneasy browsing experience, they often provide package deals as well, should youwant to book your flight and accommodation together for a good deal. Sites likeExpedia, Last Minute and Sky Scanner scour through all the flights available toget you the very best price. Just make sure you snap up those deals before it’stoo late, the best ones never seem to be on the site for long.

Booking early: Being organised often has its advantages, and booking a flightnice and early is no exception. You can often save some cash if you book aflight or a package holiday six months or even a year in advance. Not onlythat, it gives you something to look forward to and you may be able to pay theholiday off in interest-free instalments, meaning you don’t have to pay for itall at once.

Book last minute: If you are in a position where you can go away with little noticethen you are sure to find some great last-minute deals. Airlines want asold-out flight, even if that means dropping their prices significantly. It canbe risky booking a trip last minute, however if you have a couple of potentialdestination options and a rough date of when you would like to go, you shouldfind an absolute steal.   

Try and avoid going during school holidays: For some families,this simply will not be an option. However if it is a couples trip or a getawaywith friends that you are planning, then going away when kids are in school notonly makes flights cheaper as there are less people going on holiday but alsoit means there is less chance of being sat near a loud-and-somewhat-annoyingchild on the plane.

Whilst deals are great, make sure you know what it is that you’re paying for when booking a flight. Some cheaper airlines offer next-to-no benefits, such as baggage allowance or checking in early. Before you know it you could be paying more for a budget airline than you would have done if you had paid more initially. The add-ons are often what make a flight more enjoyable and relaxing, so just make sure you do your research! As soon as you have booked a holiday or even just the flight, make sure you take out a travel insurance policy to protect both yourself and your trip during the lead up to the departure date. Whether you have booked a last-minute flight or one a year in advance, travel insurance is key. At Holidaysafe, we offer a range of policies from Single Trip, to Multi Trip and Longstay. So, whether you are planning on just the one return flight that year, a backpacking adventure or a few trips spread out, then we have something for you!

*Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices. This code entitles you to an additional 5% off your policy, and is a discount from the base price, not including the additional cost of optional extensions or any additional medical premium.