Expert Travel Companions available for Hire

As we at Holidaysafe know first-hand, the majority of today’s ‘elderly’ are now using their retirement to travel the world, ticking items off an ever-growing bucket list of amazing experiences and adventures. Whoever said that travelling is only for the young was totally out of touch with the modern world. Today’s so-called ‘senior citizens’ are fitter and stronger than their predecessors, and 70 is definitely the new 40!


However, there are some ‘OAPs’ who would love to travel, but do not feel confident to do so alone, so one company is now offering expert travel companions for senior citizens.

Companies such as Flying Companions, which is based in the USA, offer a companion who will take charge of travel details, pick you up from home or meet you at the airport, administer rest stops, push a wheel chair, carry luggage, and even help with toilet breaks (if necessary!).

The companion’s services, which are also available to children and anxious travellers, will be available throughout each stage of your trip, from navigating airport security and baggage collection, to company during the flight, and assistance during your holiday.

This may sound extreme, but it just shows that old age and disabilities don’t have to be barriers to travel, they may just require slightly more planning to achieve your goal and reach your next adventure. At Holidaysafe we have no upper age limits on our Single Trip Policies, and we even cover people up to 79 for Multi Trip policies (depending on your age, health and destination of choice). Visit for more tips and advice on senior travel, and for a no obligation, award winning travel insurance quotation.

*Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices. This code entitles you to an additional 5% off your policy, and is a discount from the base price, not including the additional cost of optional extensions or any additional medical premium.