Five simple travel tips to make sure your stag or hen do goes off without a hitch…

Hen parties and stag dos are the perfect way to mark the beginning of married life.

Many Brits choose to head abroad to bid farewell to their single life freedoms. Although there has been a notable rise in micro-dos and stay-at-home parties, many couples are still opting for a full-scale trip abroad to celebrate their last days of being single. Southern Europe remains a top hen/stag do destination all year round due to its continual hot temperatures and affordable holiday prices.

‘Sten’ dos are also on the rise with couples heading on holiday to live it up with both their male and female friends. Regardless of how you are planning on celebrating, it is vital that you plan ahead and ensure that you have the correct travel insurance in place to protect your trip from the unexpected and provide yourself with a safety net should anything go wrong.

Here are five simple things to consider when planning your hen party/stag do:

  1. Alcohol

It is fair to say that most hen and stag dos involve heavy drinking, whether its boozy brunching, shot roulette or beer pong on the beach! However, a mix of hot temperatures and cheap booze has proven to be a lethal combination for many Brits who choose to head abroad. Bear in mind, most travel insurance policies exclude claims related to any alcohol fuelled incidents. It may SEEM like a good idea whilst the drinks are flowing to dance on the bar and sing Dancing Queen at the top of your lungs, but if you fall and injure yourself you are unlikely to be covered by your travel insurance policy. If you are heading to Europe, you can apply for the GHIC card which will entitle you to receive free or discounted emergency medical treatment, however longer hospital stays and repatriation may not be included and you can end up having to pay six figure hospital bills. Mamma Mia!

2. Missed flights

It is very easy to get carried away on the last night of your holiday… One too many cocktails have been consumed, you’ve slept through five alarms and now you’ve missed your flight. Not even the most expensive travel insurance policy will reimburse you for this kind of situation! We recommend taking a sensible approach on your last night and pacing yourself to ensure you make it in one piece and, most importantly, on time to the airport.

3. Dangerous activities

Over the years, specialist companies have become progressively creative with the activities they organise for stag and hen dos. You can be fake kidnapped, wield an AK-47 on a firing range or take part in extreme tank-diving – there really is something for everyone. However, as the creativity of the trip increases, as does the associated risk (sorry, we’re insurance people, it’s our job to think of these things!). We strongly recommend checking which activities your travel insurance policy covers as you will more than likely need to get or pay extra for additional cover for anything out of the ordinary!

4. Local customs

Wherever you’re heading to celebrate, we recommend that you check out the country’s local laws and customs.

Due to problems from some troublesome tourists, Spain had to introduce laws that prohibit drinking in the street in and have even banned happy hours and bar crawls. In some parts of Spain, it’s now against the law to be in the street wearing only a bikini or swimming shorts/trunks. Being bare-chested has also been banned in some areas of Spain. Some local councils will impose fines if you’re caught wearing swimwear on the seafront promenade or the adjacent streets. That’s just in Spain – rules, laws and customs may differ if you’re going somewhere different.

 For all the latest travel advice around the world you should go to the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) website for up-to-date information. As you’ve probably guessed, travel insurance policies do not offer cover for fines… nor will they cover your bail costs!

5. Pre-existing health conditions

It is crucial that everyone in your party advises their travel insurance company about any pre-existing medical conditions, even if you’re not receiving treatment or taking medication for the condition. This includes physical conditions such as asthma and diabetes but also mental health related conditions such as such as anxiety or depression. Don’t be tempted not to tell them because you think it might save you money. If something goes wrong, you’ll end up paying a hefty price.

You can find out more about the cover that we offer by taking a look at our cover levels, our benefits of travel insurance or by getting a quote.

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