Getting Married?

Being engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life, but also the most stressful. Your days become filled with colour charts, fabric samples, bridal magazines and flower arrangements.


While some people find this all part of the fun, others can be left feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions they need to make and feel like they have too much choice.


BBC News released this video at the beginning of November all about a new wedding supermarket, that has opened up in Marylebone, London.

They invited beauty blogger, Becky Sheeran, to take a look around ahead of her impending nuptials.


The idea is to be a one stop shop for all things wedding. From flowers, stationary, dresses, suits to a hub where you can listen to band and singers before booking them.

With an onsite kitchen for taste tests too, the cake and catering aspects can be booked here as well as speechwriters on hand to help out if needed!

They also provide ceremony’s if you really want to go all out and book everything in one go, with a 400 capacity venue attached.

Just remember, when booking your honeymoon, to ensure you have travel insurance. You don’t want to have any problems on the trip of your life!

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