Having ‘me’ time on a family holiday – surely that’s impossible?

After you’ve had children, the definition of a “holiday” dramatically changes. What used to connote relaxation becomes more of just a change of scenery.

Whilst you won’t get as much ‘me’ time as you’re used to, it doesn’t mean the holiday won’t be an enjoyable one. Yes, you’ll be carrying around endless snacks and factor 50, but there are ways of having time during your holiday to do your own thing – without feeling guilty that you’re not spending enough time together.


A hotel isn’t the only option: Hotels can be relaxing – however with kids, it’s a whole different experience. Having to get up at the crack of dawn to reserve multiple sun beds with your vibrant coloured towels, being restricted to a small hotel room, z-beds, and having limited food options to choose from (not ideal for fussy eater) – makes the holiday anything but relaxing. However, if you opt for a villa or apartment, you’ll find yourself considerably less restricted. Rather than one large room shared by the four of you, you’ll have a living room, a kitchen, maybe even a balcony or swimming pool of your own. So, you can relax knowing that everyone is safe under one roof, whilst enjoying a bit to time to yourself.

Make the most of kid’s activity clubs: If you do opt to stay in a hotel, don’t feel guilty about putting your child in the hotels ‘kids club’ throughout your stay. You are entitled to time to yourself, and besides these clubs are fun for children. An hour or two a day gives you chance to do what you want to do, knowing your children are being looked after.

Go away with friends: Going away with friends who have children of a similar age is the perfect way to keep the little ones happy and entertained. Sometimes, all they need on holiday is friend they can play with, plus the more adults the less outnumbered you are.

Adults can alternate on nights, giving you are and your significant other the opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Follow an itinerary: When you go on holiday, understandably you want to time to relax and enjoy yourself – without being controlled by a routine or instruction. However, sometimes following an itinerary is the perfect way to allocate time to yourself where you can just put your feet up and have some ‘me’ time. Without following some sort of structure, it may get to 9 o’clock at night before you realise you haven’t had a second to yourself.

You can fit kids’ clubs into your itinerary, or just have a general holiday rhythm, such as spending the morning by the pool, wandering into town in the afternoon, and having some time to yourself in the early evening.

Enjoy those summer days: The days feel longer, the sun shines until the evening – so make the most of it! Whether that’s means having an early morning swim or going for an evening walk before the children are tucked into bed – just make the most of it and enjoy each day!

Don’t let the bickering get you down: Family holidays almost guarantee some sort of bickering or argument. It’s easy to get frustrated if your children throw a tantrum or refuse to eat what’s put in front of them. Try and keep and open mind and look at the bigger picture, knowing that each day is a new day.

Continue the same discipline as you would at home, reminding your child that just because they are on holiday it doesn’t mean they can misbehave. Once this has been put in place, the holiday should be far more relaxing.

Although family holidays do mean less ‘me’ time they also have their perks. For one it provides opportunity to spend time together, creating memories and experiencing new things – we’re not saying you’ll holiday like the Waltons, but you might be close.

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