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How your holiday will be different this year – travelling post-COVID

Hands up who is lookingforward to a holiday? For many of us it will be our first trip in over a yearand who wouldn’t find the thought of the warmth of the sun and the feeling ofthe sand between our toes appealing? Excitement is natural, however things maybe a little bit different this year…..

For starters everyone, notjust drivers, will need to pay attention to the traffic light system. Thissystem, created by the government, is designed to guide us on where we cantravel to safely, which destinations require quarantining and where thequarantining takes place. The list, currently split into red, amber and greencountries will be updated every three weeks and may lead to more last-minute bookingsas we wait to see which list our favoured destination ends up on.

The destination itself may bethe biggest thing that is different this year, with many of us choosing to stayin the UK rather than risk travelling abroad. The so-called Staycation waspopular in 2020 and until confidence grows in international travel again, looksto be just as popular in 2021. Recent research by American Express has even suggestedthat as many as 3 people in 10 have already booked their UK break.

But for those of us whoseneed for Vitamin D knows no bounds, here are some things we might need toconsider:

Airports and Documentation

We all know how long airportqueues can be, but for now at least we may have to accept that immigrationchecks may take that little bit longer. Whether it be airports conducting testson travellers as they arrive, checking that they had a negative test beforethey departed or even demanding to see a travellers vaccine passport, thingsmay move a little slower than usual. Why not take the opportunity to startreading that book you have been promising to read all year?

Different types of holiday

Not many countries haveagreed on Covid rules, however the one they do agree on is that you are muchsafer outdoors. So why not consider a walking or cycling holiday this year? Notonly will it be safer covid wise, it’s better for the environment and healthierall round. Plus after being stuck inside for so long, what better way to getoutdoors and see the beautiful scenery?

Villa or Hotel?

Who doesn’t love being waitedon in a hotel, but many of us are already choosing self catering above thenoisy and crowded atmosphere of a hotel or resort. Villa bookings are also onthe increase as people choose to travel in larger family groups to make up forthose missed events.

Travel Insurance

Everyone knows that insuranceis vital when travelling, however picking a policy that covers coronavirus ismore important than ever. Holidaysafe policies have enhanced coronavirus cover which will protect both you and your holiday.


More people will be lookingto see if ‘Flexible Fares’ are available – this is a trend that is being seenmore and more at the moment, where a booking is created but payment isn’t madeuntil nearer the date of travel. People are also looking for accommodationproviders who have a last-minute cancellation policy and that can assurecustomers that they are covid compliant.

Price Increases

Unfortunately price rises areinevitable this holiday season as travel companies try to re-coup the coststhey have lost and this has already led to a lot of us booking short haulholidays this year and longer haul trips in 2022. Just remember you will alsoneed to factor the cost of covid tests into your budget.


Buffets and street food willbe severely limited in the pre-covid era, with many more people andestablishments choosing to serve food in a way that can be more hygienicallycontrolled and touched by as few people as possible.

Research, research, research

This will be the key thingabout travelling in a post-covid world. Whether it be the rules of travellingitself, for example do you need to wear a mask on the flight, in the airportand on all public transport, to what attractions are actually open when youreach your destination and do you need to book tickets in advance, to knowingthe rules and entry requirements of the country you are travelling to, thesecret is to make sure you know before you go.

So yes, travel will bedifferent this year but it shouldn’t be scary as long as you have done yourhomework. As a country we have already overcome so many challenges and adaptedto the ‘new normal’ so we can all adapt to the new way of travelling and beforeyou know it we will all be sipping cocktails as the sun sets on anotherbeautiful day in paradise.

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