Prasonisi to Mandraki Extreme Challenge Walk 2016 – For The Steve Prescott Foundation

We would like to thank Amber and Holidaysafe for all their support in the last two years throughout our extreme challenge walks in Rhodes for The Steve Prescott Foundation.

In 2015 we completed the full Rhodes east coast walk in three days from August 3rd to August 5th. We decided to walk in August as we wanted to face the most extreme heat and humidity. During the lead up to the challenge walk Gaynor lost 9.5st going from a size 22 to a 12 as she was inspired by Steve Prescott to change her life and take on this challenge.


On completion of the challenge walk we decided we had to take things to a new level and we agreed to return to Rhodes in August 2016 to rewrite history on the island and break our own current record and do the east coast walk in just two days. The lead up to this year’s extreme challenge was a bigger challenge personally for Gaynor due to the death of her father in November. Gaynor was brave and continued to do what she needed to do to be successful in Rhodes. We successfully completed the extreme challenge walk exhausted and in pain defying the odds yet again. For our 2016 extreme challenge walk we have so far raised £1,800 for The Steve Prescott Foundation. For both our extreme challenge walks we have raised a total of £4,000.

The only thing we wanted personally by doing this new extreme challenge walk was the challenge of the walk itself and to help others by raising much needed funds. By taking on the extreme challenge walk we would continue Steve Prescott’s legacy and memory in style.

Through the extreme challenge walk we would also promote the island we love – Rhodes.

We were awarded by the Greek government for our promotion of Rhodes through the extreme challenge walks in the last two years and were both presented with official commendations.


Please follow the below links which contain our full story;

During this year’s two day extreme challenge walk we had to see through the eyes of Steve Prescott. There is only the inspiration that is Steve Prescott that gets us through what we do. Please watch this video so you can understand why we do what we do.

On completion of the two day extreme challenge walk discussions started immediately between us both as many people in the UK and in Rhodes said we could not go any further with this. Many people saw the two days as “the impossible challenge” walking in the most intense heat and humidity of the summer.

We have both agreed that there is one final chapter that we must face in 2017.


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