4 Romantic Places to Propose Abroad

Feeling all loved up? With valentine’s day just around the corner, you may have been thinking about proposing to your other half. At Holidaysafe, we know just how important it is to find the right location for the memories you want to create, so we’ve found the most romantic places to propose abroad. From beautiful beaches to breath-taking cities, these destinations are bound to have your loved one speechless when you pop the question!

1. Paris

Why not whisk your better half away to one of the most romantic cities in the world? Filled with stunning art galleries, authentic architecture and jaw dropping landmarks, Paris makes the perfect location for a surprise proposal.

Places in Paris perfect for an engagement include the Eifel Tower (of course), famous for being one of the world’s most recognisable landmarks and the symbol of the city of love. The Peninsula Hotel, a five-star hotel with a secret rooftop terrace, panoramic views and even valentine suites (a great option if you’re planning to pop the question), and the Louvre – another famous location in Paris with a history of being one of the most romantic proposal spots. Paris boasts a great number residents and regular tourists, so you’re likely to have an audience to cheering you on and celebrating your special moment.

2. Italy

Another city known for its romantic ambience is Italy. It’s a great city to propose to your partner in due to its wide variety of romantic landmarks and intimate settings. Some perfect proposal locations in Italy include the Trevi Fountain, one of the oldest water sources in Italy. The stunning brick work makes for a great proposal backdrop and throwing coins in the water symbolises a commitment to return to Italy, so you can even plan to come back on your first anniversary as husband and wife. How romantic! Another popular proposal location is the Bobali Gardens, the most famous gardens in Florence. It is home to some stunning floral scenery, however photography here is not allowed so if you plan on snapping some photos this might not be the right place for you.

3. Greece

Greece is spoilt for choice when it comes to romantic proposal destinations. From Santorini to Crete, many of the Greek islands boast stunning scenery for an engagement photo. Santorini is home to cliff views and blue dome churches. And the island is full of culture and authentic restaurants, ready to explore as a newly engaged couple.

Why not check out Santorini’s beaches during golden hour and ask the question then? Or, organise a candlelit dinner along the beachfront for an authentic and memorable moment? Another great option for a Santorini proposal is a trip to Oia Village, couples are known to visit during sunset hours to experience coastal line views and cliffside restaurants.

Crete, however, is home to picturesque buildings and is another option for a romantic couple’s location. The quirky cafes and restaurants offer authentic Greek food which are guaranteed to have your partner in paradise even before the engagement!

4. New York City

Now you may be thinking that New York is bit of a busy place to pop the question, but the city of lights has a handful of locations that can make the moment all the more memorable. If you both love the buzz of a city, why not get down on one knee in the midst of the busy streets and ask a photographer to capture your moment? Imagine the pictures you’d have for life!

Other romantic locations in New York include the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, a famous romantic spot in the middle of a lake. There’s also a lakeside restaurant nearby, so you could soak up the moment and then enjoy a peaceful meal surrounded by lake views. How amazing does that sound? Another romantic location in New York is the Botanical Gardens, a National Historic Landmark with rock garden and art gallery exhibition. The dome shape Haupt Conservatory is a large green house that would make for an amazing and intimate location to ask the question.

Now that you have plenty of proposal-worthy destinations to choose from, you can plan your special day down to the last second. If you do decide to travel abroad to ask your special someone to marry you, then don’t forget to choose appropriate travel insurance for your trip. Buying your travel insurance when you book your holiday gives you complete peace of mind and will allow you and your partner to take in every moment. After all, this is a moment to be extra prepared for! Good luck and congratulations in advance on your special day!

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