Skiing not your thing? It’s ‘snow problem

With ski season nearing the end, the race is on to find a last-minute ski resort which suits the whole family. We know that going on a ski holiday with children and even grandparents can sometimes be stressful, as some youngsters get bored easily and quite frankly, just don’t want to ski all day!

That’s why this year we’ve found some alternative winter sport activities offered at most ski resorts, which are great fun for the whole family.

Read on for inspiration.


Nestled between Austria and Switzerland rests the stunning Italian province, South Tyrol – the ideal destination for enjoying other activities besides skiing. South Tyrol offers over 750km of perfectly white snow, idyllic for sliding down the mountain on a toboggan.

Similar to sledging, tobogganing consists of whizzing down a mountain using your body weight to guide you. The only difference is that a toboggan has no rails or runners underneath, there’s only a plastic board between your behind and the ground. Toboggans are also generally easier to steer and some even include brakes to help you manoeuvre the slopes!

The great thing about tobogganing in South Tyrol in particular, is that you can literally slide under the stars, with late night tobogganing available during the dark winter months.

From toddlers to grandparents, you’re never too old to enjoy a little fun in the snow and this really is a great way to make the most of your snowy-getaway. You could even finish off your day with a beverage or two, to reward yourself after a day of trekking up and down the snowy mountain, and to cool down those flushed cheeks.


Snow scooting

Snow scooting is a relatively new, alternative way of skiing, suitable for people with injuries, physical problems, little experience on the snow, and even winter sports enthusiast craving a little more adventure off-piste. Basically, snow scooting is great fun for everyone.

Snow scoots themselves are non-motorised scooters (which look like a kid’s scooter) with skis instead of wheels. They are ridden down slopes and are guided using the handlebars. Resorts that offer this winter sport usually have different zones for varying abilities too, so if you get the hang of it, there’s nothing to stop you from moving up to more daring slopes.

Some resorts offer family packages and provide lessons for first time scooters. We recommend those who have never snow scooted before have at least one supervised session, just whilst you get the hang of it.


Ice skating

Why not take a break from lugging heavy skis around and slip into something a little more delicate – ice skates. As many ski resorts are accompanied by natural ice rinks, visitors would be crazy not to spend an hour or two twirling on the ice.

Les Houches ski resort in Chamonix, France, boasts a charming out door ice rink which is open throughout the popular ski season months (December to March). Situated in the very centre of the sleepy village, the ice rink is the perfect place to learn the very basics of ice skating.

The Les Houches ice rink caters for all abilities (as do many others), so whether it’s your first or 100th time on the ice, there’s sections for everyone to enjoy. Ice skates are available to hire at nearly all public ice rinks, and for those more professional, there’s always the option to bring your own.

Make the most of the après ski and snuggle down in a cosy bar, adjacent to the rink-side, and indulge in a frothy hot chocolate (or cheeky gin) as you admire the fast-pace action on the ice. With so much to do, what are you waiting for?


Husky dog sledging

Fancy a little adrenaline? Why not experience a husky dog ride. These striking canines require lots of exercise and thoroughly enjoy running through the snowy-fields, earning their own living. So, rest assured, you can experience the ride knowing that the huskies are enjoying it just as much as you. Honestly, they’re built for the cold weather!

For first-time riders who wish to control the sleigh themselves (and become a ‘musher’), there are always professionals on hand to explain the ins and outs of sleigh-driving. Mushers can expect to place their feet on either side of the sled, hold on tight to the handle bars and tap gently on the brake in the middle to control their speed.

For those who wish to simply experience the electric atmosphere (without doing any work) the only instruction is to sit back, keep your hands and legs in the sledge and take in the glorious white surroundings as you glide through the glistening snow.

This exhilarating experience poses hours of fun for the whole family and can be a great bonding experience for couples, as the adrenaline rush brings you closer together.

So, grab your thermals, salopettes and wrap up warm to prepare for the ride of your life.


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