The Ultimate Bucket List

We all have our own individual bucket lists depending on our passions, for example a foodie may plan to eat at Michelin Star restaurants, or a sports fan may aim to see their club win a major title. However, bucket list dreams seem to be the most strong among travellers, who aim to visit places and capture new experiences before they ‘kick the bucket’.

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To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the Discovery Channel teamed up with seasoned adventurer Bear Grylls to create the definitive bucket list. They created a list of the most popular destinations and experiences around the world, and then asked 2,000 British travellers to vote on the items which featured on their personal lists.

The outcome was an ‘ultimate’ bucket list of 25 not to be missed experiences, which will take travellers around the world to enjoy the best of planet Earth. The top 10 included;

• Watching the Northern Lights in Norway

• Diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

• Taking a road trip down Route 66 in the USA

• Exploring the Grand Canyon

• Taking a gondola ride down the Grand Canal in Venice

• Exploring the Forbidden City in China

• Visiting the Pyramids of Giza

• Watch a sunrise at Uluru in Australia

• Taking a boat trip round the Galapagos Islands

• Walking the Inca Trial in Peru

Other popular items included watching a sunset at the Taj Mahal in India, riding the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia and wildlife viewing in Kenya. Unfortunately the survey also found that many travellers find time, money and family commitments a barrier to travel and experiences such as these. However, with a certain amount of pre-planning, trips like the above don’t have to break the bank or interfere with your time.

Whether you’re planning to complete your bucket list in one long epic trip, or tick something off every few years, just remember to invest in quality travel insurance to protect yourself and your trip against any holiday disasters.

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