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Top 10 Autumn Holiday Destinations

When the long summer days draw to a close and the nights become longer, we all must accept that autumn is just around the corner. However, far from mourning the end of summer we should be celebrating autumn in all its multi coloured glory! After all, there are so many destinations around the world which look their best during the fall months, and which are therefore perfect for a post-summer, pre-winter, getaway.

Destination-Banff National Park-Canada

Some of our favourite autumn trip locations include;


If you want to experience nature in all its autumn glory then Canada is the destination for you. Head to one of the many national parks, and enjoy dramatic views, calm lakes and every shade of orange imaginable.


Autumn is the perfect time to explore Paris, the summer crowds will have long dispersed, and the falling leaves are the perfect backdrop to the gothic architecture and for romantic strolls.


The Bavarian countryside reaches its fairy-tale heights during the fall, with rolling hills and dramatic castles. Alternatively, head to Munich for a true taste of German culture and enjoy Oktoberfest, plus a few strolls around the city.


Autumn is the perfect time to explore India, avoiding the sweltering summer months and the Monsoon season. Immerse yourself in the beautiful cultures, sleep under the stars in the desert and get lost in the hustle and bustle of the towns.


If you’re a ‘foodie’ then Italy is the perfect gastronomic destination for you. October and November mark the start of amazing food festivals and autumn celebrations throughout the country – not to mention the array of delicious truffles which are harvested around this time.


Japan is absolutely stunning in the fall months, as the fiery reds and bright greens are a flawless backdrop to the colourful culture. Appreciate Japan’s beautiful architecture, immerse yourself in the culture, and wander into the mystical forests which surround Mount Fuji for a taste of its magical legends.


If you’re an animal lover then Madagascar is the perfect eco-destination for you. Autumn is the perfect time to visit the jungle paradise, especially for bird watching and spotting new born baby Lemurs!

New York

Thinking about a metropolitan style break? Then New York is the place for you. New York offers the perfect combination of city and nature – enjoy the New York skyline and busy streets, and then head to Central park for a stroll among the autumn trees and a picnic.


If you’re looking for a break around Halloween, then look no further than Romania. The literary home of Dracula and a host of other haunting creatures, Romania is a must for any Halloween tourists. Explore gothic castles as you wonder through the Romanian countryside.


If you’re looking for an active break, then Switzerland is the perfect destination for any fall explorer. Hike some stunning trials, and visit chocolate factories and cheese making centres along the way.

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