Top 10 Graduation Holidays

For many 18-21 year olds the summer marks not only the end of exams and graduation from university or college, but also their first independent holiday with friends. These holidays can range from relaxing short breaks, to clubbing holidays and longer adventurous trips.

To help anyone planning a post exams holiday, we have shared our list of the top 10 student holidays;

Australia – although it is further afield, any backpacker or adventurous traveller will love Australia. The climate is beautiful, they speak your language, plus there is so much to see and do – explore the outback, then head to Sydney for some city life, learn to surf and dive, watch the amazing wildlife…the possibilities are endless.

France – France is a great location for anyone on budget or shorter trip. France offers a mix of beaches and vineyards, city and nightlife, not to mention all the history and landmarks to explore, so there is definitely something for everyone.

Germany – Once again, Germany is another European country which offers a great mix of holiday possibilities. Enjoy some traditional German beer in the evenings and explore its rich culture and history by day, plus you can try out your rusty High School German!

Holland – unfortunately Holland usually comes with an unfair ‘seedy’ stigma attached, however Amsterdam and the rest of Holland is an extremely vibrant and interesting place to visit. The best way to experience Holland is to walk along the canals, lanes, and on bikes.

Ibiza – Ibiza is the perfect destination for anyone who just wants to relax and have fun after the stress of exams. Just remember; make sure any activities you participate in are properly licensed, that measures are a lot stronger than in the UK and to be careful! Apart from that…enjoy!

Portugal – A recent survey found that Portugal has the cheapest everyday items in the world, making it perfect for anyone on a budget. The nightlife, weather and beaches make Portugal a great holiday choice.

Spain – Spain is also an extremely cheap destination, you can choose to stay by the coast for great beaches, head to the mountains or into Madrid for a taste of the city.

UK – It may sound silly, but the UK is a great place for your first holiday, with festivals up and down the country, so why not turn your trip into a holiday. You won’t have to worry about flying, speaking the language or the food!

USA – The USA is like marmite for many; you either love it or hate it. However it cannot be denied that the US offers a great mix of experiences, whether you head to Vegas or New York, you need time, energy and enthusiasm to explore properly.

Vietnam – A beautiful country with a fascinating history, Vietnam is the perfect destination for anyone desperate to experience a different culture. Furthermore, Vietnam borders some of the most popular backpacker locations, so there is always the option to extend and expand your trip.

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