Top 2019 Holiday Hotspots

As the New Year approaches, we know a lot of you will be starting to make your new year travel resolutions. With research being the hardest part of picking a holiday (and with so many destinations to choose from) we thought we’d give you a heads up on the most popular holiday destinations predicated in 2019.

Whether you’re going away with your family, friends, a partner or even playing it solo, we have a variety of destinations offering something to tick everyone’s boxes.

South Tyrol, Italy

In between Austria and Switzerland lies the beautiful Italian province, South Tyrol. Located amongst the Dolomites, this destination is ideal for holidaymakers who wish to hike, bike and admire the remarkable mountain views.

South Tyrol (also known as Alto Adige) boasts a variety of wonderful wilderness areas and superb national parks which are all ready to be explored. Did we mention that South Tyrol is also home to the world’s best ski circuit – Sellaronda – which loops around the Dolomites? Grab your skis, find the Val Gardena starting point and away you go. Why not stop off on your way down the slopes for a warm hot chocolate in one of the buried mountain huts?

Many residents in South Tyrol are bilingual in both German and Italian as the province was taken over by Germany during the Second World War. The combination of the two languages has also carried over to the food as well. Popular cuisines in South Tyrol include pizza, schnitzels and goulash. The weird and wonderful culture and cuisine makes South Tyrol all the more appealing.

Best of all, South Tyrol is renowned for its exceptional home-made wines. So much so, there is even a wine cycle route so you can actually drink and ride (just remember; ‘everything in moderation’ – even on holiday!). So, grab your hiking boots, pack your skis and get ready for an adventure in South Tyrol.


Cornwall, England

Whether you’re looking for a local bucket and spade holiday suitable for the whole family, a romantic getaway for just the two of you, or to simply experience somewhere new, Cornwall has something to suit everyone. Furthermore, if the summer of 2018 is anything to go by (with temperatures reaching up to 35° in the south) a holiday in England will feel like you’ve jetted off to somewhere tropical.

Cornwall is best known for its 400-mile coastline and remarkable Atlantic swell. This attracts thousands of surfers from across the world each year. So, while you’re visiting why not learn to surf, swim, sail or even paddle board in the world-famous Atlantic Ocean.

As an archaeologist’s playground, Cornwall is scattered with abandoned engine houses, stone circles, historic museums and a rich maritime heritage, which makes for a great day out. Surrounded by green grassy areas, why not take a picnic and visit Pendennis Castle? Or go for a dip after a trip to St Michaels Mount.

Now, no trip to Cornwall is ever complete without a traditional Cornish pasty, and if you haven’t already tried one, expect a hot crimpled pastry filled with diced beef and finely chopped vegetables – it truly is sensational. A Cornish cream tea and an old-fashioned Cornish tipple must be sampled when in the south west. Traditional Cornish beverages include craft beers, homemade ales and a variety of different flavoured gins. Of course, all alcohol is to be consumed within moderation.

Lastly, the Cornish folk absolutely love a party and the list of festivals held in Cornwall expand each year. From food festivals, art, music or even boat festivals there truly is something that will take your fancy.

little girl with a spade, digging sand on a beach in Cornwall

Melbourne, Australia

Why not kick start your summer with a visit down under? Australia’s magnificent Melbourne has been voted as ‘The Most Liveable City in the World’ for the seventh time in a row and we’re not surprised. Melbourne has something to tick everyone’s boxes.

Visitors can indulge in Melbourne’s award-winning restaurants, cosy cafes and enjoy all the live entertainment the vibrant city has to offer. With trams running so frequently, why not hop on and jump from one destination to another. Did you know that some of Melbourne’s coffee has been voted best in the world – why not be the judge yourself?

Whether you’re into festivals, art exhibitions, theatre or just sitting and watching the world go by, Melbourne has something for the everyone to enjoy. If sport is your thing then you’ll be pleased to know that most of Melbourne’s famous state-of-the-art stadiums are just a short walk away from the city centre. Unlike Wimbledon, some tickets can even be purchased on the door the day of a world-class sporting event – just pick a match and experience the fun.

For nature and wildlife lovers we recommend taking a guided tour to see the nation’s wonderful koalas, kangaroos, penguins and dolphins which are only an hour apart from each other. You could even take stroll amongst the beautiful Botanic Gardens. With over 8,500 different types of plants the colourful garden is a vision.

With so much on offer, why not plan your 2019 trip today?


The Highlands, Scotland

Scotland’s blend of culture, scenery and whiskey makes it the best place to escape and unwind. With mind-blowing landscapes and superb food, it’s no wonder Scotland has seen a huge increase in visitors in the last few years – the Scots’ have even had to create giant campervan parking spots to keep up with the demand!

Just a drive from Inverness, families can take a trip down to Scotland’s largest loch and go on a hunt in search of the Loch Ness monster. Why not pack a picnic and take an adventure back in time to 1840 when Inverness Castle was a prison? With just a little imagination you can be set for hours of fun.

If you’re a foodie (or feeling brave) why not try some of Scotland’s finest dishes? From Aberdeen Angus beef, Stornoway black pudding, Shetland salmon and haggis, Scotland has a variety of food that will tickle your taste buds. Of course, any meal must be washed down with a traditional shot of Scottish Whiskey.

Some holidaymakers have even seen the majestic green, red and purple flickers of the Northern lights in the dark of the Scottish Highland night sky. Northern Scotland lies at the same latitude as Norway and Alaska, which means if the suns solar flare collides with earth’s magnetic shield, visitors could be lucky enough to spend an evening gazing at the spectacular northern lights.

With all this on your doorstep, grab your car and head into this landscape steeped in history, beauty and amazing culture for your 2019 travels.


Crete, Greece

Crete is the largest southern region of Greece. The country rests next to the warm Aegean Sea and bursts with lively towns, drowsy villages and ancient treasures. Crete should definitely be one to visit in 2019 and we’re about to explain why.

Crete possess over 600 miles of sandy shores which are home to a variety of beautiful beaches, intimate caves and scenic views. Snow-topped mountains and stunning valleys are also scattered around the country which make for amazing sights and perfect photo opportunities.

Home to the world-famous Balos Lagoon, the tropical paradise is one of the most photographed beaches in Greece. Balos has even been visited by the Royal family multiple times. Prepare to be greeted with turquoise waters and warm pinkie sands, perfect for a day of pure relaxation. The lagoons shallow sea is ideal for young children to paddle in, making it perfect for families of all ages.

For a romantic trip for two, why not visit the secluded Chrissi Island? Only accessible by boat, the island is surrounded by beautiful beaches and clear blue seas, great for snorkelling in, as well as cedar forests which can be explored at your leisure.

A visit to Crete will leave your taste buds tingling. With so many delicious Greek dishes and wines it’s no wonder that Crete is one of the best places to become a foodie. Expect lashings of fresh fish, vegetables, organic cheeses and homemade olive oil. We recommend trying Kaltisounia (a sweet cheese pie), similar to a custard doughnut, the pastry is stuffed with cheese and then baked. The hot pastry is then sprinkled with cinnamon and can be enjoyed after dinner.

Did you know Mediterranean diet is said to be the healthiest diet in the world?


Belize, Caribbean

As Mother Nature’s best kept secret, many people struggle to place Belize on a map. For tourists, this means the country’s greatest attractions are often totally crowd-free and lie ready to be explored.

Situated next to the world’s second-largest barrier reef, the country boasts a remarkable variety of marine life, which makes for one of the best destinations to go snorkelling. Belize is also home to the Great Blue Hole. For those who don’t know, the Great Blue Hole is a natural wonder which collapsed thousands of years ago and now takes form as an underwater cave – it’s a scuba-divers dream.

Belize possess few, but spectacular beaches which lay adjacent to majestic Caribbean tropical rainforests. Since the government are keen to protect the country’s wild animals and birds, the wildlife in Belize absolutely flourishes. This means tourists can enjoy watching wild animals roam free in their natural habitats.

With no McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC in the entire country, visitors should prepare to eat the Belizean way. Many different cultures from Belize source their food from the rainforest and sea which makes Belizean cuisine both fresh and healthy. Typical Belizean cuisines include lobster, sea bass and swordfish, all of which are served with fresh vegetables and juicy rainforest fruits for afters. Did you know Belize is the only Central American country where English is the resident’s first language?

With the average temperature in Belize at around 29 degrees all year round, there is no better time to go. Visiting for a warm Christmas is a definite option. However, avoid swimming in the ocean on special days, for example, Easter, as Belizean’s feel it is bad luck and believe swimming on a sacred day will turn you into a fish.

an arial view of the sea in Belize

Torrevieja, Spain

Sensational Spain will always be one of our favourites because it’s easy, reliable and fun for all the family. The relaxed short-haul flight, the guaranteed good weather and the thousands of miles of sandy beaches is what we expect from a trip to Spain. This year we recommend visiting Torrevieja in particular.

South of Alicante airport, Torrevieja boasts two beautiful pink and emerald salt lakes, copious amounts of water activities and a harbour full of delicious Spanish foods for all the family to enjoy (they even cater for the fussier eaters who prefer sticking to traditional British dishes) – good old Spain.

Holidaymakers can enjoy an afternoon exploring the tranquil pink waters of the Las Salinas de Torrevieja salt lakes. It is said that the countries man-made spa prevents skin diseases, heal cuts and generally improves your overall heath – although we wouldn’t recommend drinking from it! The best part of the experience is that the pinkie waters attract flocks of pink flamingos which roam free in the lakes – great for that holiday snap!

Foodies flood Torrevieja for the freshly caught seafood dishes and wonderful ocean views from the sea-side restaurants. With affordable 5* restaurants, visitors can enjoy Spain’s traditional sangria, paella and tapas dishes. For the children, there’s an all-year round fun fair at the end of the towns strip which makes for a great laugh.

Lastly, Torrevieja has its own water park. Although it’s not as big as the well-known Aqualandia, it is half the price and just as much fun. Aquapark Flamingo contains huge slides for the thrill seekers, water aerobics for the active and sunbeds for the ones who just want to soak up the sun. There’s something for all the family to enjoy. You simply cannot go wrong with a holiday to Spain.


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