Top 5 Sailing Gadgets

We love a gadget here at Holidaysafe, and this time we’ve compiled a list of the top five sailing gadgets you didn’t even know you needed!


Garmin inReach SE+

A great way for your family and friends to be able to keep in touch with you whilst off shore. Allowing you to send and receive SMS messages to any mobile phone, email address or inReach device wherever you are in the world.

It does this using the Iridium satellite constellation!

Working in a similar way to a Sat Phone, providing live online tracking, it can also be synced to your phone and operated using the app.

This comes in at £399.99 so it is a little on the pricey side, but can you put a price on communication? There are others in the range available here.

Waterproof iPhone Casing

With the cameras on our phones becoming better and better with each release, the need for a GoPro or similar device is becoming less and less important. A waterproof housing ensures that your phone is kept safe and sound, whilst still allowing you to capture everything.

Depending on your phone model, it can be waterproof to either 50ft or 100ft and is compatible with all GoPro mounting accessories.

Costing $99.99 plus $19.99 for international shipping, it is an expensive case for your phone, but if you are a keen sailor then this could be really beneficial for you, it is definitely worth it!

Astra esa Smartwatch

The first smartwatch designed specifically for sailors in mind.

This allows you to view your instruments on your wrist, using Wi-fi to connect to your onboard controls. It includes pre-installed software to show real-time performance including TWA, Speed and polar target data.

It also offers all capabilities of a standard smartwatch, meaning you are able to call, text, email and take pictures.

Lastly, it is also both waterproof and shockproof and available in three different colours costing £311.

Lifedge Ultimate Cable

Is there any point getting a waterproof case if you don’t have a waterproof charging cable? We didn’t think so!

This one is super long at 2m/6.5ft, it is also corrosion, tangle and waterproof.

Officially approved for use with Apple products, it comes in at £30 and is best used with Lifedge cases.

Raymarine Ocean Scout TK

This is a great little device.

The most affordable on the Raymarine site, this thermal camera can extend vision afloat during the day or at night by creating images from heat.

It has the ability to spot objects from up to 199m away, including but not limited to, boats, landmarks and wildlife.

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