Top April Fools Travel Pranks

April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day has been around for centuries, probably stemming from the festival of ‘Hilaria’ celebrated by the Romans and the Medieval ‘Feast of Fools’. Although society has changed greatly from these times, we have still continued the tradition of planning pranks on one another every year on the 1st April.

Some view Aprils Fool’s day as a tedious annoyance, and wait for the inevitable prank, whereas others forget about the day and are easily tricked – and of course others plan the pranks!

Every year companies around the world decide to use the 1st April as a chance for a great story and media coverage, so they create elaborate lies and filter them out via press agencies and the internet. To celebrate April Fool’s Day, the Telegraph listed their favourite travel pranks, and our personal favourites included;

• Book your stay at M16 – apparently were advertising a deal for spy enthusiasts to stay in a ‘top secret’ location on the Thames, which required guests to sign the Official Secrets Act on arrival!

• The Mile High Club – one hotel teamed up with an airline to release a new kind of ‘couple’s experience’, where passengers can purchase a four posted bed or private area in which to celebrate their love during the trip.

• New Discoveries – one PR team in Florida tried to trick the World with the discovery of the ‘Manaphin’ – part manatee part dolphin.

• Man’s Best Friend – Thorpe Park announced that it was the first theme park in the world to allow dogs on roller coasters!

• O Natural Adventures – one holiday company advertised a whole range of holidays where the travellers can be completed naked – you can image the puns! Optional extras included large supplies of sun tan lotion, wet wipes and hygienic seat covers for the cycle tours.

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