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Top UK Kid-Friendly Destinations

The half-term is fast approaching andthat means being creative and resourceful to keep your little ones entertainedfor the entire week. Whether you’re looking for a staycation at home or totravel further afield across the UK, here are our top kid-friendlydestinations.

For the seaside dreamers

Escape from the bustle of everyday lifewith the refreshing sea air; picture fish and chips on the sand, swimming inthe clear ocean (even on the colder days) and nightly sunset strolls. If you’reunsure on a destination, these are our best seaside picks.

Weymouth Beach, Dorset

The award-winning beach set in the heartof Dorset, Weymouth beach has everything you could need for a week of seasidefun. The activities available include a year-round fairground, donkey rides,pedalos and the beautiful stretch of sea. The beach is also renowned for beingrather shallow which can make swimming or paddling easier for your smallertravellers. And, with sand practically designed perfectly for sandcastles,you’re able to build the finest of creations.

The town of Weymouth also has a widevariety of things to do including the Sealife centre, Sandworld, a gorgeousharbour and the Nothe Fort. And, near the beach, are plenty of beachside resortsto book your family accommodation.

Blackpool Sands, Devon

Devon is notoriously known as a stunningstaycation destination with plenty in store for families. There are manybeaches to choose from or base your trip around but Blackpool Sands isespecially special, even in the cooler months.

Nestled by pine trees, this beach islocated in an Area of Outstanding Beauty and doesn’t seem like it’s part of theUK. It’s one of those beaches that are so perfectly maintained, it looks likeparadise when you’re going for a stroll or dip in the sea. The beach also ishome to designated sand pits, where kids can get stuck in with digging andsandcastle making.

Viking Bay, Broadstairs, Kent

Think ice creams and entertainment whenit comes to Broadstairs mains sands beach. Viking Bay is a hub of fairgroundrides, rockpools and colourful beach huts. Minutes from the beach are aselection of ice cream shops, coffee shops, restaurants and family-run trinketshops.

Broadstairs main sands beach has manyother beaches surrounding it including Dumpton Gap, Stone Bay and Botany Bay,only a short walk away. It’s surrounded by plenty of things to see and do, andin prime time, pop up events occur including food festivals, Dickens Week andFolk Week. On a sunny day, the stretch of Broadstairs showcases paradise withbustling beach goers and happy smiles all around.

For the nature lovers

If you’re dreaming of rolling greenhills, clear blue skies and lakes, these destinations are sure to be up yourfamily’s street for exploration.

Windermere, Lake District

The Lake District had to be our topchoice for nature lovers. With a whole area of lakes and countryside toexplore, it can be hard to know where to begin with your planning process. Ifin doubt as to which peak, lake or area of natural beauty to explore first, Windermereis the largest and most popular area in the Lake District, and perfect forevery type of family coming to visit.

Windermere is renowned for its bucketload of activities available no matter what the weather is. From boating alongthe lake, heading on the many hiking trails, or going for a cycle, to thedifferent railways, castles, museums, National Trust properties and galleriesto experience. There is also the many cinemas and theatres nearby, golfingoptions and even, balloon rides. You’re not short of entertainment for all thefamily at Windermere, even on a rainy day.

Norfolk Broads

Set in the beautiful countryside, NorfolkBroads is a national park with over 125 miles of waterways, surrounded bycharming towns and villages. The Broads are known as the ‘Venice’ of the UK andhave more waterways than Amsterdam so really, it’s as if you really are jettingoff abroad.

The Norfolk Broads aren’t short of anyactivity and have too many to count for your family getaway. With so much to do,it can be impossible to know where to begin but the best way is by booking yourfamily a boat and exploring a few of the waterways to get your bearings of thelocation. Around the Broads, there are different things to do from pottery,canoeing, to churches, horse riding and gardens to explore. The Broads reallyis a place like no other.

For the city-goers

Cities are a hub of the bustle,entertainment and a whole heap of history and are prime location for kids tolearn whilst they travel. If you’re looking for city recommendation, these areour favourite spots.

Brighton and Hove, East Sussex

Brighton and Hove have the beauty of acity and beach, which gives it that calm-yet-busy appeal. The list of things todo in Brighton and Hove are limitless from its famous pier packed withentertainment and amusements, the shopping scene, wide variety of restaurantsand the SeaLife centre. And of course, unlike most cities, you have the pebbledbeach to relax on after a day of exploring with the kids.

Hove is the quieter side of Brighton withlots of parks, walking areas, churches and gardens for the whole family toenjoy.

Cardiff, Wales

Capital of Wales, although Cardiff isn’tthe largest city, it’s also not the smallest and has many things in store forfamilies. The city is mainly walkable which provides an opportunity to explorethe wonders on foot, roaming around the shops, eating out and experiencing everychance there is to learn something new.

The city is home to Cardiff Castle,battlements to discover, museums, Bute Park and Cardiff Bay is also nearby.You’ll all be city pros when you head home.

Bristol, Avon

Located on the southwest of England,Bristol is an underrated city with a wealth of maritime history. The city hasmore to it than first meets the eye; home of Wallace and Grommit and pirates,it has dream kid destination written all over it.

Bristol has an ongoing list of thingsyour family are able to get up to on your trip including boat tripping aroundthe harbour, steam train rides, pirate tours, museums such as science andnatural history, and the landmark of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The amountof activities will thrill your whole family and you’ll return home with abucket-load of memories.

For the thrill-seekers

Thrill-seeking locations are easier tospot than you think, whether you’re looking for a rush of adrenaline or anexperience that’ll last a lifetime with your family.

Snowdonia, Wales

Located in northwest Wales, Snowdonia isa region and home to the famous Snowdonia National Park. For families that loveto hike and climb, this is a dream location to experience the mountain air andclimb up to great heights and experience amazing views.

The national park has a network ofdifferent walking and climbing trails, at varying degrees of difficulty, plushundreds of lakes and craggy peaks to explore. And, aside from the main park,there is also many castles to see and an exciting steam train ride to take inall the scenic views.

Orkney Islands, Scotland

For an experience like no other, theOrkney Islands are calling your name. Located off Scotland’s North Coast, theislands are made up of 5,000 old sites and encompass beautiful beaches,stunning sea cliffs and the opportunity to get up, close and personal with thelocal wildlife.

One of the thrill-seeking experiences tonote is diving in Scapa Flow which is a body of water known for old shipwrecksand a wide variety of sea life to witness. It’s easy to reach by boat, like allof the islands – and by making a day trip of it, you can set base in mainlandOrkney.

Giant Causeway, Northern Ireland

As Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO site,the Giant Causeway has more to it than you first think. Located on the northerncoast of Northern Ireland, the Causeway has lots of different things to discoverincluding the Grand Causeway, Giant’s Boot, The Wishing Chair and many gloriousclifftop trails to explore. Imagine a combination of hiking and fab scenicviews, that’s all of the joy the Giant Causeway will bring for your family.

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