Travel Insurance Loop Hole

According to the latest research by Which?, many of Britain’s leading travel insurers sell cover which contains a loop hole. Apparently, if a customer falls ill after they have purchased travel insurance, many insurers will consider their cover void.

However, it is important to note that an insurance policy is calculated and issued based on the answers given to certain questions, for example ‘do you have a pre-existing medical condition?’, if the customer answers no then the premium is calculated accordingly.

Furthermore, Travel insurance policies cover claims which arise out of things that are ‘sudden, unforeseen and beyond your reasonable control’, so if you know you are ill before you travel, and you do not declare this, then any medical problems will not be covered. Consequently, this is why it is so important for clients to tell insurers if anything changes between the date of purchase and date of departure.

Whereas most travel insurers hide this in the small print, aim to provide first class customer service and a company their customers can trust, so they actually issue two policies to the customer. Policy A just covers cancellation, and Policy B covers everything else, this makes the need to declare a pre-existing condition much clearer and easier to understand for the customer.

Plus, because has an award winning team and expert staff, the client is usually told that their new medical condition will be covered with no additional premium, depending on the condition. If the client has an undiagnosed condition and is awaiting the results of tests, he may be advised to postpone his trip until the results are known.

If the customer cannot be covered, he will have three options;
1. To cancel his trip and receive payment for any cancellation charges.
2. To cancel his policy and receive a refund.
3. To travel, but to be aware that he will not be covered if his condition causes a claim.

This ensures that’s clients are fully informed, and not out of pocket. Visit and explore what the world has to offer.

*Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices. This code entitles you to an additional 5% off your policy, and is a discount from the base price, not including the additional cost of optional extensions or any additional medical premium.