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What to expect when travelling to Spain this year post-COVID

Spain; the countryfamous for its distinct culture, sangria, dreamy tapas and year-round sunshine,is a popular destination amongst all Brits, and one we’re all eager to get backto for that dose of Vitamin D. For the sun worshippers, the adventurers andfood lovers, Spain varies from region to region on what it can offer andthere’s something for everyone.

Whether you’ve got a trip booked to Spain or looking to planone in the future, here is what to expect when travelling to Spain this yearpost-COVID.


Travelling to Spain

Traffic light system

Before you head off on your trip to Spain, you need to checkwhere it is on the traffic light system, whether it’s on the green, amber orred list as regulations are put in place to abide by before you leave thecountry. From the 17th May, international travel is open again fromthe UK and the traffic light system has been put in place to measure whichcountries vary from low to high risk.

It’s important to be aware of what you’re covered for and of the quarantine measures on your return home before departing to an amber or red listed country. At Holidaysafe, we will provide some cover under our policies for customers travelling to amber countries and territories providing they are not travelling against the advice of the FCDO. For more information, visit our Coronavirus Travel Insurance page.

Green list countries will require testing on arrival back tothe UK but you’re free to travel there without quarantine. But, some green listcountries may require a vaccine before departure and you can check thathere.

It’s important to check the entry requirements to Spainbefore you travel and know what to be aware of.

Rules and restrictions place on arrival

When travelling to the hot paradise, there are some rules inplace ready for your arrival to help you experience the best holiday, safely.

For any tourist heading into the country, two restrictionsmust be abided by. Firstly, 72 hours before your arrival into Spain, you needto pay for a PCR test and prove a negative result. The PCR test will give you a‘fit for flight’ certificate which will help you gain entry into the country.You’ll also need to fill out the SpainHealth Control form. It needs to be completed and signed before you enterthe country.

Restrictions in place for tourists out and about

When roaming around your destination in Spain, you need tobe mindful of the local restrictions and respect the other tourists and localsaround you.

The restrictions in Spain can be dependent on which regionyou’re staying in and it’s worthwhile to research your designated locationbefore jetting off. Restrictions could be along the lines of wearing facemasks,curfews, the capacity of different public spaces includingrestaurants/pools/hotels, how many people are allowed to meet and socialdistancing. You can find out about your chosen region here and the restrictions inplace.

Travelling safe in Spain

Travelling post-COVID is going to be the ‘new normal’ for awhile, and something we’re already used to in terms of social distancing,sanitising our hands at every instance and wearing a mask. This cautiousthinking shouldn’t go away when you’re on holiday, as it’s still important tobe mindful of those around you and practice all the safe techniques you’ve usedduring the pandemic – and stay in line with the rules too.

Spain has its own rules on this matter which we’ve alreadystated and it’s also important to not only abide by them, but also take thingsat your own pace in terms of how you socialise on holiday and partake inactivities.

Travelling back to the UK

Restrictions when you arrive back in the UK:

Green list

Traveling back home to the UK isn’t going to be the samepre-COVID and even if Spain is on the green list when you travel, there willstill be rules and regulations you need to abide by. There are a few thingsyou’ll need to do first before returning home:

If Spain is changed to the amber/red list when you’re awayor you travel to an amber or red list country on your way home from Spain, 10days before you get back, you’ll need to follow the amber or red list rules. Thiscan apply to stopover flights, new passengers travelling from red countriesgetting on your flight or private vehicles travelling through those countriesin order to get home.

Amber list

If Spain is on the amber prior to your trip or changeswhilst you’re away, the restrictions are quite different to if the country wason the green list.

Before heading home to the UK, here are a few things youneed to do:

Red list

The red list needs to have more caution and the mostpreparation before your trip and here are the things you need to do:

All information correct at the time of writing andpublishing 20th May 2021. For up to date information, visit the governmentwebsite.

The paella, sangria and sunshine are calling you but first,don’t forget to buy your travelinsurance policy.

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