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What Factors can change a Cruise Holiday Experience?

Posted on March 18, 2016


For many people, a cruise holiday would be a dream come true; the kind of exciting experience that finds itself on numerous bucket lists. It’s something that is greatly anticipated for months and months in advance. A cruise, after all, isn’t typically the kind of cheap holiday you can just take last minute – it’s something that requires planning, forethought and at least several new outfits!

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Our Guide to Cruise Travel with a Medical Condition

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Cruises offer a completely unique type of holiday which is reflected in their popularity; somewhat surprisingly the increase in cruise travellers comes from a much wider demographic than the typical older generation you would expect.

The increase in popularity can largely be put down to the lengths the cruise industry has gone to, to ensure they cater to every kind of holiday maker.

One of the most important changes for the cruise industry in recent years are the changes made to helping travellers with pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities.

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Cruise Ship Deck at Night

How to combat Sea Sickness

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Sea sickness or motion sickness is caused by the motion of a car, plane or boat which changes the balance in our inner ear, and causes sickness, dizziness and sweating. Coping with motion sickness on a cruise holiday is horrible, how can you possibly enjoy yourself when every wave makes you feel nauseous.

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Guide to Day Trips

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Day trips are a big part of what makes cruising so special, what could be better than floating over crystal clear seas and arriving at a range of different and beautiful locations.

However, it is extremely important that you follow these simple tips below, to avoid holiday disaster during a shore excursion;

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Cruise Ship Travel Advice

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A cruise holiday is a great way to travel, explore, have fun and unwind, however it is extremely different to other types of holidays. Here are our top tips for avoiding a holiday disaster whilst cruising…

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