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What Factors can change a Cruise Holiday Experience?

Posted on March 18, 2016


For many people, a cruise holiday would be a dream come true; the kind of exciting experience that finds itself on numerous bucket lists. It’s something that is greatly anticipated for months and months in advance. A cruise, after all, isn’t typically the kind of cheap holiday you can just take last minute – it’s something that requires planning, forethought and at least several new outfits!

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Our Guide to Cruise Travel with a Medical Condition

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Cruises offer a completely unique type of holiday which is reflected in their popularity; somewhat surprisingly the increase in cruise travellers comes from a much wider demographic than the typical older generation you would expect.

The increase in popularity can largely be put down to the lengths the cruise industry has gone to, to ensure they cater to every kind of holiday maker.

One of the most important changes for the cruise industry in recent years are the changes made to helping travellers with pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities.

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How to combat Sea Sickness

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Sea sickness or motion sickness is caused by the motion of a car, plane or boat which changes the balance in our inner ear, and causes sickness, dizziness and sweating. Coping with motion sickness on a cruise holiday is horrible, how can you possibly enjoy yourself when every wave makes you feel nauseous.

Here are our top tips to prevent motion sickness;

  • Firstly, always sit facing the direction of travel, this will help you to know when there could be increased motion, and will help your body to adjust.
  • Be careful of what you eat or drink before the journey, try to avoid drinking lots of fluids, consuming alcohol, and being too full, all will not help and could make you feel more nauseous.
  • Try to sit at the front of the boat, or choose a seat where you will experience the least motion, for example the middle deck of a boat.
  • Try not to read or look down during the journey, you should try not to concentrate on anything except watching the route ahead.
  • Try to fix your gaze on a fixed point ahead; even if it is the horizon, this should help your body to adapt.
  • You can purchase some herbal and over the counter remedies which can be extremely effective. For longer journeys (i.e. a Cruise) ask your Doctor for some prescription medication.
  • Always try to sit near a source of fresh air or air conditioning; this should help to cool you down.

Happy cruising!

Guide to Day Trips

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Day trips are a big part of what makes cruising so special, what could be better than floating over crystal clear seas and arriving at a range of different and beautiful locations.

However, it is extremely important that you follow these simple tips below, to avoid holiday disaster during a shore excursion;

  • Check the local laws and customs on our ‘Know Before You Go’ page before you travel, just to make sure you are prepared and do not offend anyone. For example, some conservative countries will be deeply offended if women are not covered up.
  • Always stay with the group, if you do deviate make sure you plan where and when to reconvene.
  • Make a list of important phone numbers, for example the ship, and the guide – just in case.
  • Always photocopy your important travel documents and prescriptions before you travel, and keep them in a separate location to the originals, just in case they are damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Always invest in quality travel insurance, make sure you have declared any pre-existing medical conditions before you travel.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash around with you. Do not wear expensive jewellery; you will only draw negative attention to yourself.
  • Carry your change in a small purse and your notes in a money belt under your clothes; this should avoid flashing your purse and cash too often. Plus, if you are mugged you can hand over the coin purse as opposed to all your cash.
  • Try to avoid walking alone or in small groups at night or down small streets.
  • Always keep your bag close to you, use a bag which zips up or locks, and use a strap that goes across your body as opposed to on your shoulder. This should prevent anyone stealing your bag or pickpocketing you.
  • If you are travelling somewhere hot, make sure you wear a high factor of sun protection, drink plenty of fluids and take regular breaks in the shade.
  • Just to be safe, drink bottled water.
  • Remember that in most markets around the world, haggling is expected! Do not offer the first price that is offered to you, most merchants expect a bit of haggling. Ask your guide if unsure.

Cruise Ship Travel Advice

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A cruise holiday is a great way to travel, explore, have fun and unwind, however it is extremely different to other types of holidays. Here are our top tips for avoiding a holiday disaster whilst cruising…

  • Always book your cruise and any shore excursions through a reputable company.
  • Always purchase specialist cruise travel insurance.
  • If you are travelling to multiple destinations, be aware that you may need multiple visas, make sure you have these sorted and in place otherwise you may be denied entry.
  • Check our ‘know before you go link’ to make sure there are no travel warnings in place for you chosen destination or destinations.
  • Also research local laws and customs, to avoid offending anyone on shore. For example in some conservative countries, a woman’s body is supposed to remain covered up at all times.
  • Photocopy all important travel documents before you travel, and keep the copies in a separate location to the originals.
  • If you use prescribed medication, make sure you have a big enough supply for the duration of your trip.
  • You should always visit your doctor for a quick check up and to see if you need any vaccinations for your chosen location, before any long haul trip.
  • You still need to be careful of your personal security, even out at sea. Do not open your cabin door to strangers, keep your valuable possessions locked in a safe and keep your handbag with you at all times.
  • During shore excursions, make sure you wear a bag which zips up or locks, with a strap which goes across your body. This should prevent your bag being stolen or pickpocketed.
  • Be very wary of using valuables such as smart phones and cameras near the edge of the boat, every year hundreds of people lose their valuable gadgets over the side.
  • Remember that sea sickness is normal, but there are things you can do. Invest in natural remedies and try to avoid the bumpiest parts of the ship.
  • Always wear sun protection, even if it is cold, the sun rays will still affect your skin if you are on deck.
  • Before going ashore always check the ship’s departure time, and make sure you are back in time. Write down important or emergency phone numbers, just in case.
  • Remember that your mobile phone may not work out at sea, warn your relatives so that they don’t worry.
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