How to insure the ‘Modern Family’ from school holiday disasters

Today’s modern family is no longer two adults and two children, so insuring the extended ‘entourage’ of grandparents, stepchildren and au pairs over the school holidays is more important than ever, according to specialist travel insurance provider brand manager Amber Howard said: “The traditional ‘nuclear’ family of two adults and two children has disappeared, and like the hit US TV show ‘Modern Family’, society has changed with grandparents and stepchildren from previous relationships all living together under one roof. Today single parents and extended families are becoming the norm.

“Many generations are choosing to holiday together, and while it is fantastic that families are enjoying time together, it is costly with an average spend of around £2,000 per family holiday. Families are also becoming more adventurous, choosing to take their families further afield instead of opting for a ‘staycation’.

“No matter what type of family you have or what type of holiday you are planning this summer, ensure you have the appropriate type of travel insurance in place to cover everyone.”

Key advice tips from for families travelling this summer:

  • Families will usually rely on a single policy for an individual or a family, which will cover two adults. However, a family travelling with more than two adults, such as grandparents, won’t qualify for this group. In this scenario, the group should pay for a family policy, and then ask the grandparents to purchase a separate policy.
  • If parents are divorced and the children’s main residence is with the travelling family, then it is important that you check the details of your travel insurance policy carefully. As long as the children are dependent on the parents (under 21 and in full time education) this should be fine, but it can’t hurt to double check. Parents should also qualify for a single parent policy, and discount if one is available.
  • Families travelling with a nanny or au pair must purchase a separate policy which has adequate cover for any holiday mishaps.
  • One of the most common conditions among young children is asthma – even if this is well controlled you must declare this to your insurer.
  • Similarly, if your children are intent on bringing their gadgets on holiday, for example smart phones and tablet computers, you need to make sure your travel insurance has enough cover, or that you have cover under your home insurance.
  • Parents who have purchased a multi trip policy, remember that children under 18 probably won’t be covered to travel independently from their parents.

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