Five of the Most Unusual Honeymoon Destinations

Planning a honeymoon can be a difficult task, whether you have a tight or luxury budget, with so much choice of romantic holiday destinations, how could you possibly choose? If you and your partner prefer not to follow the crowd, we’ve listed our favourite unusual, but still amazing, honeymoon destinations for you to consider.

A Honeymoon in South America


Home of the Tango, Buenos Aires is one of the world’s most romantic cities, however, the reason we love Argentina as a honeymoon destination is not for the sultry music and passionate atmosphere of Buenos Aires, its actually because of their ‘End of the World’ tours.

If you have a passion for stunning landscapes, animals and unusual destinations, then this is the perfect honeymoon for you, start in Buenos Aires and trek through some of Argentina’s most beautiful scenery, including Patagonia and the Perito Moreno Glacier, not to mention spotting wild penguins on Magdalena Island.



Nothing bonds newlyweds like a shared challenge, so why not set yourself the task of trekking the ancient Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? The trial can take five days (depending on your stamina), but the end result is totally worth it, and something to tick off your bucket list.

Start your trip with a little relaxation on the beaches in Mancora, then fly to the beautiful city of Arequipa to wander the picturesque cobbled streets and gaze at the El Misti volcano. Pick 5 star boutique hotels to give you trip that taste of luxury.


Unusual Honeymoons in Europe


When most people think ‘honeymoon’ they picture warm sunny beaches, so suggesting a colder destination is in itself a little unusual, however what really makes Iceland a dream honeymoon destination is the host of natural wonders and beauties it offers.

Spend a night in a glass igloo to spot the breath taking Northern Lights, explore Iceland’s beautiful golden circle including geysers, waterfalls, wild ponies, beautiful rolling hills, and also make sure to visit the famous Blue Lagoon, for an experience you and your partner will remember forever.



Most people’s knowledge of Romania only extends to Dracula’s castle, but Romania has so much more to offer, including waterfalls, villages, castles, mountains, sunflower fields, beautiful moss swamps and the visually stunning ‘tunnel of love’.


For the more active couples, trek in the mountains or   for fantastic views, gaze upon the Decebal, drive or bike the Transfăgărășan road for an adrenaline pumping ride and make sure you visit a castle or two between quaint towns and villages.


You may have spotted Tenerife on this list and assumed some sort of mistake had been made, but the island has so much more to offer than a simple budget holiday. Tenerife is a fantastic European alternative island paradise to the Caribbean, and all without the jet lag!

Tenerife apparently has more luxury hotels that Barcelona, and more 4 and 5 star hotels combined than anywhere else in Spain. Head to the Costa Adeje for a variety of spa hotels and luxury resorts, or opt for the north of the island for a more rustic experience and stunning scenery.


Now you’ve picked your destination, make sure you invest in quality honeymoon insurance (will need to be linked to the most appropriate policy) to protect yourself, your partner and your trip against any unexpected holiday disasters.

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